Walnut...... Again !

Discussion in 'Beretta' started by billt, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. billt

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    After replacing the plastic grips on my Beretta Model 92-FS with Walnut, I decided to do the same with my new Beretta Model 87 Target with the same. The pictures show both before and after. I think the Walnut gives a much richer appearance. And they feel good in the hand as well.

    Both sets of the Walnut Beretta grips fit perfectly with the original screws. The counter bores for the screw heads were perfectly sized, and no Loctite was used on the grip screws at the factory. Swapping them out took only a couple of minutes.

    Beretta Model 87 Target



    Beretta Model 92-FS


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  2. Jaison

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    Those are nice, man. Really go well with those pistols. Good call.
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  3. Big Dog

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    Those new walnut grips are sexy! Well done.
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  4. iv done walnut grips and i have to say yours are outstanding!!
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  5. AK Hunter

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    I took the nice wood grips off of my Sig 938 when I decided to carry it full time. They looked so good I didn't want to beat them up by carrying it. I put some Hogue rubber grips on it for carrying.