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    I have a vintage 101-8x rifle scope made by Walt Iler Inst. Maker, Sparks Nev. It looks similar to an old Unertal (SP?) not quite as long and the post are not as big, however it is appox. a foot and a half long, half inch w/large bell on forward end and "none" at eye piece. Looking like:
    w/ - meaning tube, + meaning post and ( being bell
    it has a simple "needle" post rectical
    I have tried to find info on it, him, or old scopes in general (lol) for some time to no avail.
    I saw the question someone had about Walt Iler the gunsmith (and the gentleman's beautiful rifle presumable made by Walt) and was wondering if it could be one in the same....but Walt Iler Instrument Maker not Gun Smith? If anyone has any info please let me know. I plan on keeping it but would like to know history, price, and rarety since I payed only $10.00 for it out of a box of "junk" at a yard sale about 5yrs ago :). Thanks to any who answer!