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    i need some help identifying a hand gun i believe to be a walther p38. It does not have any manufacturer's name stamped on it. It has a serial #6731i..this serial number is on all over the gun. it has a faint 135 stamped on a couple of parts. the gun appears to be old, appears to have some holster wear. the gun shhots great, love it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
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    Your P.38 appears to be a Mauser manufactured pistol. If so, there should be a "byf" with the year "43" stamped on the left side of the slide. If it is a "byf" pistol and all original parts. your pistol was manufactured in July/August of 1943. The stamp you refer to, the Eagle/135, is the Waffenamt (military inspection) stamp, indicating the parts passed the tough military requirements. On the right side of the slide, you should have two (2) of the E/135 stamps and a Test Proof stamp (Eagle clutching a Swastika in a circle) between the two Waffenamt stamps. The waffenamt stamps should also be on the frame, locking block, and barrel. The serial number should be on the frame, slide, partial on the locking block, and the barrel lug. What other questions can we help with?


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    Thanks for the info. The serial # is on the frame, slide and partial on the locking block. The serial numbers indicate to me that the pistol is original and the gun is in excellent condition. "BYF" is not evident on the left side of the slide. However, below and in front of the serial number on the slide is a small area that I thought was slight rust pitting, the only spot on the gun that has this. Is this where the "byf" was stamped?
    Below the barrel on the left hand side is stamped WaA16. And on the bottom of the barrel there is a stamp of fnh. Do you stand by your original opinion that this a a mauser manufactured in 1943? Did walther "license" Mauser to make the gun? Can this gun be called a Walther or is it a Mauser? How common is this gun? Was it made for the militatry (which army) ?
    Thanks for answering my questions.
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    Hi hurleym,

    It sounds like you have a WWII Mauser produced P.38 that has been badly refinished, with most of the slide markings buffed off. To see what your pistol looked like before the markings were removed, go to:


    Then click on “Galleryâ€, page down to the folders for “Kyrieâ€, and click on the “byf 43†folder. The pictures therein will give you an idea of what you P.38 looked like before it was refinished.

    To answer your specific questions:

    The “fnh†indicates the barrel was made in occupied Czechoslovakia. Wartime P.38’s were made by Walther, Mauser, and Spreewerke. It is a common variation, and was indeed made for use by the armies of Third Reich Germany. It is not a “Walther P.38†but rather a “wartime P.38 produced by Mauserâ€.

    Hope this helps!

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