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Wandering Saloonitics?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Calamity Jane, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Hallo? Whar is everybody?

    I though a bunch o' the Toostone Saloonitics had wandered over this a-way? :confused: Guess they mustta got lost....
  2. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor


    Good ta see ya! What's your event?

  3. Event????

    My event?

    Ya mean aside from drinkin 'n' playin poker in the Saloon 'n' blowin up Marshal Rusty Bore's jailhouse?

    My event?

    I guess that's be Cowboy Action Shootin - gunfighter style with Holy Black - though I don't do anythin well enough ta call it "my event", lessen maybe ya count all the laughin....
  4. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor


    Well whatever your event you're welcome at our forum... just e-mailed you a personal greeting, invite all your friends 'cause this forum is open to discussion! SASS members welcome!

  5. knuckles

    knuckles G&G Newbie

    saloon antic of toostone

    hello there Calamity Knuckles McDaniel here! since all the boys are off wrangling horses for the army . I thought i,ll pop in. so how it going getting you shooting club started:D
  6. Howdy, Calam, Knuckles! How's ya doin'? I ain't off with them varmints! I got tired of rustlin' wranglin' horses for the army years ago. I feel like I'm in a time warp. Where are we? I left the trail, got caught in a wind storm, and wandered here. Is this Purgatory? What is this place?
  7. knuckles

    knuckles G&G Newbie

    no this aint purgetory that down the trail south awhile.Im trying to load some black powder shotshells.but they to long for this antique shotgun i got. I think these need to be a 1/4 shorter
  8. Great, now I have another way to waste.... errr.......spend time on the net.:D
    Dang, how long will it take for someone to tell us to move this to another wire?;)
    Lots of forums here, but I assure you someone will want more!
  9. Phew! Thought I'd ended up alone here!

    Good ta see you fellers made it! I waz beginnin ta think I'd felled inta a black hole.

    The new club's comin good Knuckles. We'z jist waitin ta see who we're gonna insure with. We'll be CAS shootin here this spring (assumin the weather warms up) - YEEEHHHAAAWWW!!!!

    Do ya think they're gonna throw us outta here? Tell us we gotta move somwhere else?

    I kin see where this place could become a "hideout" fer plannin mischief in Toostone! :D

    Later boyz!
  10. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor


    As administrators of, Chris and myself welcome all SASS and CAS shooters. I personally have just bought a Marlin 336 and am "gettin tha itch" for CAS. Feel free to drop in and bring your friends. We enjoy your company!

  11. Howdy, Jesse, nice place ya got here. Calam, we could call this "Hole in the Wall" and use it for planning things over in Toostone. You got a good idea. So, henceforth, this place shall be unofficially be called "Hole in the Wall" It's nice to have a new place to visit, once in a while.
    See you pard, tomorrow. Happy St. Patrick's Day!:cool:
  12. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Forum for CAS

    Check the forum...How's that?


  13. incrediheel

    incrediheel G&G Newbie


    Howdy everyone! What's this place ? Who's dis her Jesse feller? Nice seemin' for a greenhorn...
  14. Mike Haycraft

    Mike Haycraft G&G Newbie

    I go by Cinder Detective on the SASS line. I guess we will have to check this every day to. I hope Bubbles dosen't get crazy on this one. Hows that whip Jane?:p
  15. Hole In The Wall

    Whip's jist fine C.D. Waitin on the snow ta melt soz I kin spend some "quality time" with it outside. (Fer some reason, me doggie gets nervous when I play with me 14-foot bullwhip in tha house :D )

    Whal, when it comes ta plannin mischief, ya'll wanna remember what happened over to the Saloon with the "nameless posts"!!!! That worked jist fine 'til some ijit went ta "page 2" - then I ended up in JAIL!!!! Yup, had ta blow up the Marshal's jail fer the second time - or waz it the third.....
  16. Hey, wow! Great name! I thought it was just gonna be "unofficial" but I like it without the "un" better!

    Calam, that doggie is just a-feared he has to pull the sled all by hisownself, and that whip is his punishment for not being able to do it! Put him in the sled with you to ease his little mind!

    <edit> Okay, I must be gettin' confused. My mind ain't had no coffee yet, and thought it seed "Hole in the Wall" at the entrance. So's the first part of my message may not make any sense to ya, if'n ya ain't seen it for yourownself. Anyone got a cup of Arbuckles ready? I could use some!

    <edit> this place got more passageways than a haunted house! Nevermind to my last edit! I found it! But I am still looking for some Arbuckles! :D
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2002
  17. knuckles

    knuckles G&G Newbie

    I done plum out of Ardbuckles .but they got some this newfangle stuff called Maryland Club ....would that do ?
    Let,s not go hurt,n no puppies ,and remember it,s Saint patty,s Day. Dad burn these shot shell are still to long.Any body know what size is the shell suppose to be for a 1887 winchester shotgun.:confused:
  18. Howdy!

    Just had to drop by "The Hole in the Wall" and see what shenangans are being planned for the hopeless in Toostone!

    Nothing yet, I see!

    Anybody gonna tell Bubbles about this place?

  19. Mike Haycraft

    Mike Haycraft G&G Newbie

    Not if she goes post nuts again.:eek:
  20. Tinman

    Tinman G&G Newbie

    Hi Ya'll
    Used to be a member of S**** but don't get to shoot that much anymore. I'm on call a lot, a 20 minute limit. The range is 25 minutes away.
    catch ya later