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want to purchase shotgun for duckhunting/tannerites

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Hi everyone, New to this forum, I am interested in taking on duck hunting and I am currently looking to buy a shotgun. Can anyone give me some tips on which gun is optimal for this sport, and of best quality? thank you.

By the way, Have any of you heard of Tannerite Exploding Targets? I use them for practice shooting with my 3030, If you havent tried these awsome targets check them out.

Heres the link

And check out this site too if you want some awsome stuff for the 4th of july. I use these to get rid of moles, Havent found anything better

Nice to meet you all.
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Welcome to G&G Gosset -- hope to see you posting regularly you may want to refer to the following link for personality types ---

Not being a duck hunter yet but an avid gun slut (yes I admit it ) I would go with BRG's recommendation of the Mossy 500 Pump gun its a very stable starter shotgun. for the more advanced purchases you can't beat a good used Rem 1100 SA-- either way we hope to hear about your harvests
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