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want to purchase shotgun for duckhunting/tannerites

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Hi everyone, New to this forum, I am interested in taking on duck hunting and I am currently looking to buy a shotgun. Can anyone give me some tips on which gun is optimal for this sport, and of best quality? thank you.

By the way, Have any of you heard of Tannerite Exploding Targets? I use them for practice shooting with my 3030, If you havent tried these awsome targets check them out.

Heres the link

And check out this site too if you want some awsome stuff for the 4th of july. I use these to get rid of moles, Havent found anything better

Nice to meet you all.
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Duck hunting is probably one of the roughest hunting sports on equipment. You are always wet and usually cold. I have hunted ducks just about everyway imaginable from back bays, swamps, rivers, ponds, and large lakes. All of the conditions are brutal on a shotgun. Jerry is right about all of the different ways to go about picking a good shootgun. Here is my input. I am very partial to my 870 Express 3inch mag. I have upgraded it though. I have put Hogue forend and buttstock on it for a comfortable, no slip when wet grip. Get a glow sight for it also, this really helps pick up the birds. You can get ones that can screw into the rib or ones that slide on without any mounting hardware. My 870 is parkerized and it does wear off and it does rust if you do not oil down when you get out of the field. You can have it dipped to protect it, but that costs more money. That is my only complaint on the 870. I have come back from week long trips and the thing is a giant mud ball, but never missed a beat. There are other good shootguns out there also. I would stick to pumps. They hold up well with few moving parts. It is not a good experience standing waist deep in water and having to disassemble an autoloader only to drop an O-ring in the water. It ruins the hunt. I have hunted with O/U also. They are close to useless when standing in the water. It is very unnatural trying to break it open over your head and loading. In a blind your movement is restricted and you bump into things while breaking it open. The recoil is heavier because there is no action to relieve the recoil. All of the gas goes out the barrel. Plus I have trouble tearing up a $1000+ gun. They are hard to beat for doves or upland birds There are more pros than cons on using a pump while duck hunting so I would stick to pump actions. Honestly, I would get a pump that shoots 3 1/2" mags. You might never have to use them, but it is there if you need it. I am planning on goose hunting for the first time this year and would like to use 3 1/2". As far as shells, I would stick to steels for price and availibility. If you are hunting over decoys in a close shooting are #4's will do the trick. I hunt the 1st half of the season with 3" #4's and the second half with 3" #2 because the birds are more wary. If you have any more questions about ducks, please post. Duck hunting is not a passion, it's an obsession.
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I bought a half dozen wigeon decoys by Greenhead, an Avery product, man talk about awesome detail and not too pricey either. They look and ride better in the water than Flambeau.
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