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want to purchase shotgun for duckhunting/tannerites

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Hi everyone, New to this forum, I am interested in taking on duck hunting and I am currently looking to buy a shotgun. Can anyone give me some tips on which gun is optimal for this sport, and of best quality? thank you.

By the way, Have any of you heard of Tannerite Exploding Targets? I use them for practice shooting with my 3030, If you havent tried these awsome targets check them out.

Heres the link

And check out this site too if you want some awsome stuff for the 4th of july. I use these to get rid of moles, Havent found anything better

Nice to meet you all.
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Welcome to Gunandgame! I hope you'll visit here often and share in all our discussions, which can cover just about anything (and I mean anything).

As far as duck hunting shotguns, a lot depends on your own tastes, but I've always been a fan of pump actions, particularly the Mossberg 500. The Remington 870 is a fine gun too. The Maverick 88 is an economy version of the Mossberg 500 that is identical except for having a trigger safety instead of a thumb safety.

Expect to pay $160 for a Maverick, $200 for a Mossberg 500, and $250 or more for a Remington 870.

Or see what's available used. Also make sure you get the right barrel/choke combination, which I can't help with.

If you want to use 3.5" loads, the Mossberg 835 is there, and versions of the Rem 870 as well.
Maybe we should ask what your prior experience is with firearms?
I doubt I'd buy an auto 3.5", as the range it would have to cycle would be too high. Except perhaps the Baikal MP153 for $320 that is supposedly self regulating.
I only meant that you generally have to design a shotgun to operate with a certain load, and if you use too wide a range of loads it eiter won't cycle or will wear itself out. My staple loads are 2.75" shot and slugs, so I would never want a shotgun that sacrificed reliability with those rounds in order to use 3.5".

I would get a pump if I wanted a 3.5".
I'd be happy to learn how the Benellis and Baikals cycle all loads without either short cycling the light ones or slamming the action too hard on the heavy ones. The range of loads seems a little high to be able to do both by tapping the same amount of gas. I've tried to figure out some self regulating gas systems or self compensating recoil absorbers, but haven't taken it very far. Or it could just have a gas adjustment valve like the Saigas.

All I'm saying for myself is that for what it takes for an auto to cycle heavy and light loads the same, I'd just as soon go for a pump. Compare prices of Benellis and Remington 11-87s to Mossberg 835s and you'll agree. Baikal, I dunno, there are some quirks to it that could make it something I'd go for or not. I'll have to check it out in person some time.
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