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    In real Life, not the Movie. What was the one single thing that played the most important part in the saving of the Lost Battalion?
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    the airplane.

    the AIRCO.DH.4 that plowed through a hail of german rifle/MG-08 machine gun fire, or cher ami(the pigeon) she received the croix de guerre for it, as I recall she was hit once or twice by german bullets. that's yer answer.

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    Yep, Cher Ami !!!!!

    Cher Ami, an English bred Racing Pigeon, During his service , he delivered 12 important messages from the Verdun Front to his loft at Rampont. He was attached to the New York Battalion of the 77th Division. After the men were surrounded, every means was used to get a message back, after all had failed, several pigeons were released, all were killed except for Cher Ami, after flying through a barage of machine gun fire, he was hit with a sudden burst of Shrapnel, This shattering his leg and passed through his breast. After being hit, he flew 40 kilometers to his home loft in Rampont in only twenty-five minutes. The leg that held the message was hanging only by a few shreads of senew.
    Cher Ami that day saved the "Lost Battalion", after he lived a long retirement he was mounted and placed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Racing Pigeons saved a bunch of lives in WW1 and WWII. It was said that if a commander could only have one means of communication, he would always pick the Pigeon, when hell broke loose and the messenger Dogs and radio couldn't get through, they could always depend on the Racing Pigeon. Yep, you were right. Being a Racing Pigeon Fancier, Cher Ami has been a hero to me since I was a boy. Oil Well, sorry it's so long, Thanks to them and all that fought and Died for us.