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  1. Doglips

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    DO NOT let me say this again DO NOT touch, or worse look at he flyer from Southern Ohio Guns.... My wife handed it to me this morning at 11am and by 1130am I was on the telephone pleading with them to take my $$$$ from me...
    The got 91/30 with repairable stocks for $27. and of course the usal collection of toys....
    You have been warned about this most evil of publacations...:)
  2. PAPA G

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    lucky dawg!!!!such a nice lady you have there!!! helping out with your addiction, if only all wives were so thoughtful:D :D

  3. You lucky Dog-lips, My wife throws out all gun catalogs that we receive, I usually find them in the trash with the kids lunch splattered on them. :mad:
  4. Calvin

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    Dog, you are lucky. My wife just looks at me, then nods her head in the direction where my flyers are laying. Then, she's on the computer checking our account balance. Then, she prints it out, and puts it in her purse.........
  5. Doglips

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    After 19 years my wife just gave up...now she picks up my paycheck...pays all the bills and whats left over is fair game...trust me she gets more than her share of the leftovers...:) still every now and then..when bobby's been a good boy..she leaves me a few crumbs...
  6. SwedeSteve

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    ^ Kinda hoe it works here !! A blast from the past !!
  7. PAPA G

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    what ever happen to 'Lips???

  8. Iron_Colonel

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    Wow talk about a resurrection! $27!!! WOWOWOW!!!! And thats not really that long ago either.
  9. texnmidwest

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    OK, you guys are mean! I read the first post and about broke my fingers typing in SOG looking for the rifles for 27 bucks! Only after did I notice that the post was from 2002!

    Some people's kids....
  10. Doglips came by not to long ago. In October.

  11. :09:
  12. That was just not right!!!:grumpy:
  13. Whootsinator

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    Oh damnit, I about had a heart attack...
  14. THIS is Funny ROFL !!! I guess you were wanting to order a bunch of Mosin Nagants LOL !!!
  15. This thread is seven years old, why bother?

  16. Paper

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    Pure nostalgia.. Nothing more, nothing less.:)
  17. LOL I did the same thing as some of ya'll...I was going "27$ for a MN with a repairable stock!!!!!" until I realized how old the post was. I was ready to order about 5 of them! :)
  18. texnmidwest

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    Go ahead and laugh and get it all over your face!:bad:
  19. O.K....LMBO,ROFL and LOL !!! How's that Tex ???