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    You may have noticed lately that several sources refer to a record compiled by the Washington Post of people killed by police during 2019. I don't know how they compiled that list, but the Washington Post, as you may know, is not a balanced source of information. Being the fact-checker type, I gave a quick glance to their list, and sure enough there are some problems.

    One glaring example to help clarify: The Washington Post included, “Tony Orlando Mills, a 73-year-old man armed with a gun, was shot on July 18, 2019 in Medford Oregon.” Wrong.

    It is supposed to be a list of people killed by police. Their inclusion of Tony Orland Mills in that list was incorrect. As confirmed by the autopsy, Tony Orlando Mills died from a self-inflicted gun shot to his own brain. Mills had called police to say he was armed, suicidal, and wanted police to know where to find his body (under an I-5 overpass). When officers arrived on scene Mills was still alive, but then he shot himself. An officer fired back thinking Mills had fired at him. The officer only shot once, hitting Mills in the arm.

    Sorry Washington Post, but a shot to the arm is not what I'd call lethal, especially after that person has already blown their brains out. Not a case of someone killed by a police officer.

    This kind of fake news crap is unacceptable. Motivates me to go through all 1000+ shootings Washington Post has listed and make sure they're not blowing too much smoke. Will take me some time, but I'll provide more reality-based facts for y'all when I'm done.
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    Good show!

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    <Insert heavy dose of sarcasm>Washington Post unreliable!!??? Ya don't say!:D
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    Really !! I mean , who'da ever thought it ?!?!?!
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    New York Times; Washington Post...same, same.
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    Reminds me of the way the Brady Bunch of gungrabbers include people up to the age of 25 in their list of "child deaths by guns". Well, I guess they were somebody's 'children'...... :rolleyes:
    Helps pad out their statistics though.
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    Suicides included. Labeled as gun violence.
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    or as G. Gordon Liddy used to call it, "the Washington Compost".
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    So does Mark Levin.
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    Lots of numbers coming your way….

    This is my follow-up regarding the Washington Post’s “fatal force” data showing people killed by Police during 2019. Generally, the majority of their data was acceptable, but on the other hand they were quite sloppy, or perhaps I should say lazy. In particular, they had scores of references to “an unidentified person” when all they had to do was look up news reports and they could easily find who the subject was. Almost every subject was identified by gender, date, and location of the shooting, but their tracking of subject race and age was often lacking. Again, looking up news reports, DA records, and obituary pages typically yielded that kind of information. Also unlike the Washington Post, I did not classify subjects as “unarmed” when, in fact, they physically attacked a police officer (often attempting to grab their taser or sidearm). Not letting Washington Post skate on that one.

    So after “correcting” the data I hope you’ll find the following more useful than what was provided by the Washington Post. Please also note that these are inclusive of all police forces (local, state, and federal).

    Total people killed by police in 2019: 998
    Of those, number killed who were unarmed: 14 (1.4%)
    Of those unarmed, 5 (35.7%) were White, 5 (35.7%) were black, 3 (21.4%) were Hispanic, and 1 (7.1%) was Asian. 12 were male (85.7%) and 2 were female (14.3%).
    Breakdown of total number people killed by police:
    Male: 957 (95.9%) Female: 41 (4.1%)
    While the White category has by far the most killed by Police, they fall short of their representative population in the country by a fairly substantial margin. Likewise, the percent of Blacks killed by Police is almost twice as high as would be represented by their population size in the country. To make those numbers more relevant, here are the percentages for arrests in the country during 2019:
    upload_2020-6-13_9-18-38.png upload_2020-6-13_9-33-15.png
    Average ages of those killed by Police: White=41, Black=33, Hispanic=35, Pacific Islander=31, Asian=37, Native American=34, and Unknown=44.

    My interpretation of these numbers is they represent the extent that different racial categories are engaged in crime. I am assuming, of course, that Police are focused on criminal behavior (and not just randomly arresting and killing people). Consequently, Blacks are engaged in crime at a rate approximately twice their population representation, thus Black arrests and killings by Police are likewise approximately twice their population percentage. By the same reasoning, Asians are significantly lower in arrests and killings by Police than their population percentage, indicating their engagement in crime is much lower than for both Whites and Blacks.

    As a matter of interest, I also tabulated how killings by Police compared by month of year, as follows (uptick during the Christmas/New Year holidays):
    Following are percentages for weapons in use by subject when they were killed by Police:
    To the extent there is such a thing as gender or racial “preference” for various weapons….
    Looking at specific locations, here are 21 cities which had five or more incidents of Police killing a subject during 2019. Very surprising how many of these cities are in Colorado, including some with population less than 200,000 (what’s with that?). In addition to city population, I'm including population growth rate from 2010 to 2019, and rate of killing by Police per 1 million population for reference:
    Lastly, here are the top 20 states that had killings by Police in 2019. The rate of those killed by Police per 1 million population is interesting, particularly in states like Oklahoma and New Mexico. New Mexico may be skewed by border patrol incidences (along with Arizona, California, and Texas). I’m not sure what accounts for Oklahoma having the second highest rate per million population.
    As we all know, people can use statistics to tell pretty much whatever story they want. Newspapers like the Washington Post epitomize that axiom. In this case I’m trying to just provide the “real” data so you can make your own conclusions. Hopefully you’ll find it serves that purpose.
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    Kellen, your hard work is appreciated. The numbers point out the fallacy of the gun grabbers' agenda.
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    Washington post and amazon are owned by Jeff bezos. Amazon donated $10 million to black lives matter. That’s all you need to know
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    Thank you for all your hard work. Very informative information.