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Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Ark Slim, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Ark Slim

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    Got an e-mail stating that "ON GOOD Authority" antifa and blm are going to try to do in Austin Tx. what they did in Seattle. The e-mail stated that these two groups and their backers had bought a lardge # of hammers from and have gathered sniper materials to occupy roof tops in the Austin area.This is supose to take place soon(?) It is to happen somewhere along the I35 in Austin. Not sure I believe this but will be watching. Can not really see it happening here in Tx.
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  2. Huey Rider

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  3. savage12755a

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    Heckuva idea. Find and trash their million dollar busses. Slash the tires, salt and sugar and maybe even tampons in the fuel tanks.
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  4. Lots and lots of mothballs in the fuel tank. That way the entire fuel system gets fouled up :cool:
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    I can see it happening, especially in Austin. Austin has swung very hard left the last 20 years or so. Houston, the DFW area, and the San Antonio area are being similarly afflicted by the exodus of people leaving California and bringing their lefty leaning mindset and voting characteristics with them.
  6. mitchr

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    From what I've heard, Austin is as liberal as Seattle, so they may welcome them with open arms!:( If so, they deserve anything they get!
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    Same thing happened to the states south of New England.

    The Old Dominion was deep red just a decade or so ago.
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    One of the reasons I OC on my property and carry the slung scorpion around at times at our place north of Keller on the fringes of the metroplex.
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