Watch Out for "Organizing for America!"

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Cyrano, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Strange things turn up in my inbox. Today, one of them was an email from Organizing for America... which wanted to know if I'd go out and vote in the Democratic primary. (Hell, no! I'm an independent!)

    On a couple of news sites, I discovered something else. Obama is making no attempt to help the Democratic nominees in the primaries. It looks like he won't be doing much for them prior to the midterm elections, either.

    However, the ******* is quietly infiltrating cadres of Obamists into all fifty states to begin rebuilding the political machinery that put the Doofus-in-Chief into the White House in 2008. He fully intends to have his Organizing for America machine up and running while Republicans of whatever stripe are still casting about to find a candidate able to beat him.

    I have to stress that what the Obamination is doing is not illegal. Political parties can spend their money however they wish. Just be aware that the cocksucker is already mobilizing for the 2012 elections; and that it would behoove us all to start thinking about ways we can derail that reelection effort. Letters to the Editor; responding to polls by opining he's the biggest threat to American freedom since Huey Long; pointing out his incompetence at every opportunity; making the lives of Democratic official hell by bombarding them with emails and phone calls demanding that they vote against anything Obama is for, and voting for anything he does not want; and anything else you can think of.

    He wants to start the next campaign now? Fine. It's time for the lovers of freedom to take on the role of political guerrillas and hope the Republicans,Tea Party types and Libertarians field good candidates for the 2012 election, candidates who can clobber him on his abysmal record of non-achievements, now that he has one he can't explain away!