Watch those "Secure" Sites for Credit Cards.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mooseman684, May 8, 2008.

  1. Mooseman684

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    Well it happened again!
    I ordered some fasteners from a Reputable Dealer in Michigan using a credit card that has not been used in a year. After placing an order using the "Secure site" ( thru AMazon), a few hours later some thief started using my number to make purchases. Thank Goodness the CC company called me for verification , and closed my account Immediately. I notified the Company of a security Breach on the secure server...They were going to get right on it.
    Be careful out there Folks !
  2. Don't you just hate it. Had that happen to us a year ago. Except they bought airplain ticket to England. CC company was good, we didn't have to pay a dime, but still it was a hassle. I think people who steals other peoples CC;s should be publicly hanged (along with spammers and all the people who make viruses for the computers!!).

  3. TexasT

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    I never understood the purpose of spamming. It's a stupid and pointless. People never want to work for a living. It's easier to steal somebody else's CC. I just think they will get their just desserts in prison. They better be prepared for the reaming!
  4. tlarkin

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    FYI, whenever you purchase online there is one huge tip if it is secure or not.

    If the address is HTTP then it is unencrypted

    If it is in HTTPS then it is encrypted, the S obviously stands for secure. If their website is compromised though there is not much it can do, but that all depends on how the website is designed.

    Anyone with half a brain would keep their database encrypted with AES 128bit encryption, since that would take a super computer over a decade to decrypt.
  5. patrick70

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    The same thing happened to me about 8 months ago.We did'nt have to pay either, but it was a hassel.
  6. Seabeescotty

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    I've got a magazine company, that latched onto my order withanother company, still trying to collect money! I asked them what magazines I ordered, and they couldn't tell me, so I explained that the mags they were sending to my address were going into the burn barrel, because I don't read that junk. They had the same guy call me, and pretend to be a collection agent, and I told him that any further harassment was going to be met with a lawsuit, and a report to the BBB and FCC. Hopefully, they'll leave me alone now.
  7. tlarkin

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    Also avoid all websites that only use wire transfers of money, and that use public web based email for their email addresses. There are plenty of scams going on these days.
  8. Marine1

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    I do some on-line shopping. I have a small special limit $$$ card I use, which is [email protected] $4.95 a month, thru the issuing card company. If one uses a credit card on line, get a small - limit card that you figure the amount you will be using per month, and insure it. I know people who shop on line with $5,000.00 - $25,000.00 credit limits, which is inviting fraud. But as usual, they won't learn until they get whacked.....big time. Mooseman, I was formally in the fasterner business here in Michigan many years ago, when I was a youngster. Who was this company, if you do not mind my inquiry?
  9. Troy

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    Rich, what tipped of the CC company to phone you to confirm the purchases? i am nervous as hell about using my CC online for this reason.
  10. Mooseman684

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    The Company was Pointe Products.
    They are a Great place to buy specialty Fasteners stuff as well as bolts and nuts !

    What tipped the CC company was first an Ipod song purchase for 1.00...The test. Then a larger charge for Yahoo Messenging over 25.00... When My card had not been used for anything similar ever. Thank Goodness the security and fraud dept. was right on it !!!
  11. Mad Hatter

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    Happened to me last month... I have stopped using the card as much as possible..My brother and his wife got hit 3 times and my girl friend once. I think our numbers are floating around a lot more than we think.
  12. MrsS

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    Reading all this makes me nervous! I go online to purchase plane tickets directly from the airline....I have also just started using "selectpay" on a few of my accounts (car, etc.). I do that with trepidation, especially since it involves my bank account.

    Has anyone here run into any form of theft through paying your bills via your bank, online?
  13. Midas

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    Thanks for the heads up Moose, can't be too careful these days.
  14. TXplt

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    I'd be pretty careful, but not too nervous. You have little or no liability for fraudulent use of your credit card ($50.00 potentially if you fail to report it in a timely manner). The credit card company legally has all the risk. The major threat to you is the time you might spend to straighten things out. Deal with reputable sites, look for the secure encryption for all transactions, don't give out information online other than just the CC stuff. NEVER give out your routing # and account # unless you've verified who you're dealing with.

    Debit cards maybe a little less secure (because they can deduct the $ from your bank account vice the CC company you don't have to pay); however, most banks have some type of anti-fraud guarantee. They'll also credit your account while its under investigation. For paying a CC company, most of them (online) don't or can't make credit payments from your banking account until you specifically authorize it. I've not had any problems with online banking and the like--, but I do check the accounts fairly regularly.

    Bottom line: be careful, but you're not liable for fraudulent use of your CC.
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  15. Marine1

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    Thanks for the information, Rich. Don't know the company. I was in the business back in the 1960's when I was a young supervisor shipping clerk, before I went into the Corps. It's good you have a company of trust like this. Very few these days who care about customer followups, especially credit card charges.
  16. Personally, watch a certain pay service tied to a certain auction site also. I think there is a thief or 2 there taking CC #'s and selling them. Both my wife and I, after using this payment service for different things, had our card #'s get used without our permission.

    I didn't name them because I don't need a slander suit. lol Besides, you know who I meant.
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  17. Mooseman684

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    Pay Pal ?????
  18. You said it, I didn't. lol
  19. Merlin45

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    Hey Moose! got it, bro. I had someone try to charge 345.00 for a camera on my account. needless to say, I cancelled PayPal. I still get E-Mail from them, asking me to dispute a charge or two. It's nothing more than a Phising scam. I contacted my bank, and was assured that nothing coming from PayPal would be honored by them.:AR15firing: