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It's been quite an epic struggle with GunGeek and I trying to figure out how to fix his father's Savage 24. I believe it is an older model, and the problem has been the lack of a selector button between the upper 22LR barrel and lower 410 shotgun.

Well we finally got aggressive with it this evening, took it apart bit by bit, used a parts diagram as best we could, and finally figured out how the selector button worked and how to get it in there. It involved penetrating oil, carefully prying extremely stiff and potentially eye-gouging springs, wiggling, and pounding pins out, but it finally worked and GunGeek now has a restored Savage 24 heirloom that will be useful for pest control.

GunGeek with his little buddy:

Closeup of the new selector button aquired from Numrich:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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