We need the return of the truly-thrifty small pickup.

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  1. Not every American wants or needs a Ford King Ranch.

    There is no dam excuse for carmakers not

    to offer a small pickup that achieves 30 MPG highway or better. Historically, there have already been small trucks on the market for American consumers that have achieved that already. Isuzu Hombre once was one such truck with a thrifty gasoline 4-cyl. Using a small diesel could also get MPG way up.

    I would also like to a return of the bench seat and no console on the floor in truck cabs that takes up valuable roominess. The shift lever in automatics can go back on the steering column as was historically. I also want a bunch of electronic sci-fi crap to disappear from the dash. Small-vehicle sensibility peaked with rigs like the Isuzu Hombre and the Toyota pickup up to 1991.

    I want back to basics in motor transportation.

    They, Toyota, had it RIGHT in 1979.

    Do you need a gas-guzzler or an infotainment center to go hunting or haul your retrievers to the field for training or trialing? I don't.
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    I agree 100%. They would be nice for the people who want something for yard chores, garbage, and general putzing around. I went 10 years driving two Jeep Cherokees--an '89 and a '90. I liked the simplicity of them. The dash consisted of the radio, HVAC controls (with only two sliders!), and a couple rocker switches for fogs and defrosters. I've had my Liberty for almost two years now, and I still have trouble with the radio from time to time, and I'm 27.

    I was looking for a truck before I found the Liberty. The best fit I found was $16,500, and it had some rust and over 180k miles. After some more craigslisting, I decided it was not time for a truck. It was either going to be under $10k and beat, or above $15k with a good body and a lot of miles.

    I'd like to see manual trannies make a comeback outside of sports cars, too. I enjoy driving stick. Autos are nice, but I like being more involved. I think a 2010ish Chevy pickup with the 5.3L and a 6 speed stick would be my ideal truck.
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    We had a mid 90's Chevy work truck for many years, short bed, standard cab Vortec V-6. Sometimes I wish I still had it. Then I remember that it needed a new clutch and something was causing it to misfire badly whenever it rained (I suspected a cracked distributor cap but could never prove it.)

    Still I'd like another one. My big 3/4 ton GMC is not as fun to drive when doing errands and just running around.
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  4. How about allowing the Toyota Hilux diesel to be imported in the US? They are fuel efficient and rugged as all Toyotas are...they are a proven design and about bulletproof... witha 6-speed manual reports of close to 30mpg are achieved....
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  5. blaster

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    all the electronic garbage they put on vehicles now days is ridiculous. all it does is raise the sticker price with no real benefits. there is no reason that a work truck (compact or full size) has to cost more than a house. not everyone in this World is a computer nerd. I'd be willing to bet that if car companies came out with a "no frills" line of trucks & cars that they would out sell the "fully loaded" line. I am sick of dinging bells and lights telling me what I already know!:mad:
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  6. We need to convince Washington to allow those Toyota Hilux diesels to be imported here. Certainly Toyota plants already established on American soil could build those as well. I bet those Hiluxes don't have all that yuppie crap on the dash which old-school simplicity I love. Yes, I definitely would like a clutch. I was raised on clutches having been born in 1960's.

    Sub-Saharan Africa loves Toyota Hilux for safari. Replaces the old English Land Rovers.
  7. redcaddy51

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    A guy here in town buys up pre 1980 vehicles, rebuilds them, sans computerized junk and resells them for a tidy profit.

    I personally refit my 1989 Buick Estate Wagon to 1970, pre electronic, specs. Rebuilt engine and trans, upgraded suspension pieces and so forth. Less than $9,000.00 invested, 22 MPG hiway.

    The plan is to drive it 'till I die and let the kids give it away...

  8. Huey Rider

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    Had a Chevy S-10 years back and loved it.
    I’ve got a Chevy Equinox right now with a bunch of electronics on it and like my previous three vehicles, I don’t use 80% of it; don’t know how, don’t care to and have no need of it.
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    I had a 1990 Ford Ranger it was small but for hunting or running to the hardware store there is nothing like it. Now Ford has replaced it with the new Ranger that is a little smaller than the big F150 but uses gas just like the big F150. If I'm going to burn that much gas I may as well have the bigger truck.
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    The problem isn't with the car companies, it's with all of the federal government regulations, then throw on top of that.... Stupid regulations that some states pile on top of the gov't ones. (ex: Kommifornia)
    It is a regulation for not only safety items such as Airbags, Seatbelts, etc... but also the Onboard Diagnostics Computer (OBD II) Not many people know that there is event data recording in cars, very similar to aircraft. It records things like, throttle position, brake input/pressure, yaw rate, seatbelt fastened. If I remember correctly there are a minimum of 13 or 14 required items, but most have upwards of 30 or 40 recorded items. This is another tool they want to use against you in the event of an accident, and use this evidence to procecute you.

    The EPA also has to have their hand in the pot too. The average MPG for the entire fleet sales (all cars from that company for the specified model year) has to meet a minimum requirement. This is where you end up with things like the idle stop feature.
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  11. Junction15

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    Here you go! The basics in motorized transportation!

  12. rando

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    I feel the same way Blaster. The more electronics, wiring and controls they put into vehicles is simply the more chances of something breaking or acting up. Government dictating how to build vehicles and how many more miles per gallon they need to achieve . Also cleaner burning and so forth. So they dictate all the chit that needs to be designed and crammed into an area that it does not fit. Then we have to pay for the chit we dont ask for or want. I remember changing spark plugs on my 60's and 70's vehicles with a V8 . Took maybe a half hour. Now you have to remove this and that and fuel rail and injectors and move power steering pump to see the plugs. Then its another 3 hours to remove and change them out. That is if everything goes smooth and no snapped off plugs or stripped aluminum heads after fighting them. I heard that California has banned all gas powered vehicles already. They set a date timeline for it. I want to see this crap crash on them.
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  13. rando

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    I had a small size Ford Ranger with a 4 cylinder. I liked it for running around and not burning much gas. Also could carry certain building supplies in it. I gave it to my one son when he went to college. How many here remember the Chey LUV Pickup truck? Chevy S-10 was a nice little truck also.
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  14. blaster

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    Randy, I hear you about the spark plugs! probably the last time I changed spark plugs in one of my road vehicles was when I also changed the points & condenser.:rolleyes: I have never even seen the spark plugs on any of my recent vehicles. and like you mentioned, you have to disassemble the car just to get to them. there was another thread on G&G about shade tree mechanics. this is one of the reasons there are no more shade tree mechanics. the genius engineers made vehicles so complex you can't work on them!:mad:
    and while I'm ranting, diesel engines. they were the most efficient and simple engine made. then they had to screw them up with computers and additives.:confused: some of the new stuff does have advantages. I don't miss having to change the plugs, points & condenser every 3000 miles? been so long I forget:rolleyes: and being able to increase or de crease the horse power with a computer chip is cool. but its just more crap to go wrong and leave you stranded cause you can't fix it. (a real problem on a boat!) rant over for now.
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    I agree. Drove one of the new Ford Ranger. IT'S HUGE!

    You know what else we need? I went to Ireland a year or two ago and rented a small, stick shift, diesel car.....ran for ever on a tank of gas. It was truly amazing the mileage it got. There is nothing like that over here!
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    I have seen two of the new Ford Rangers. They are almost full size. Many people may remember the very first Ford Ranger was full size. Back in the late 70's I guess to early 80,s they were the Ford Ranger which was the F100 Series. I used to go to many colleges, universities and government facilities to do work. They use mostly foreign vehicles that look like miniature vans and some have a pickup bed in the back. They are very small and can hold two people{two seater} Some are gas and some are diesel. Thing is they are street legal but I have never seen them on the roads or highways here.

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  17. rando

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    Here is another like I see but never available to the public it seems.

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  18. PaleHawkDown

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    I'd be happy for an Aussie-style Ute.
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  19. animalspooker

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    You can buy those around here. Saw one the other day, but they wanted something like $6K for it!