We was fishing we did not do anything.

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    This is a big deal for a few reasons...the port is the home of a Nuckler Sub Base, Cruise ships and of course cargo ships. I love that they did not speek engreish....probly have BA in english...but hay what do I know:)

    2 held after videotaping ships at Port Canaveral

    By Jennifer Ellis

    PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. - Two undocumented immigrants caught in a restricted area at Port Canaveral videotaping cruise ships and terminals Sunday will remain at the Brevard County Detention Center, at least for a while.

    Odilon Dos Santos Soares, 42, and Simao Ebzibio Ferreira, 33, were told this afternoon by County Court Judge Kathleen Clark that, even if they each were able to post the $500 bail she ordered, they would be held by order of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

    Soares and Ferreria agreed through an interpreter to have attorneys appointed before their next court appearance, which will be Aug. 8 for Soares and Aug. 13 for Ferreria.

    In the meantime, the matter of their immigration status and whether they will be deported will be placed on hold, said Joe Castillio, a spokesman for the Border Patrol.

    "We're waiting for the local charges before they are transferred to our custody," he said today. Castillio also said he didn't understand why the media was "so interested in a couple of Brazilian guys."

    The men were arrested while fishing in the waters behind an abandoned restaurant at Port Canaveral. The area is clearly marked no trespassing, with several red-and-white signs tacked up on trees and buildings.

    The pair had fishing poles and a video camera and were filming the three cruise ships that were at the Port Canaveral, Brevard Sheriff's Sgt. Don Baker said today. Baker said the videotape appears to be shots of local scenes that they would send home in an effort to "impress people" and is not the work of terrorists.

    The men, who speak only Portuguese, told authorities they were on vacation, but records show one of the men is on an expired tourist visa and a second sneaked over the Texas border from Mexico.

    "Their immigration status is going to play a significant role in what happens next," INS spokeswoman Patricia Mancho said from Miami. Mancho said deportation proceedings could take anywhere from one week to a couple of months.

    Florida Today staff writer Brian Monroe contributed to this report.