We were them

Discussion in 'Veterans' started by jerry, Jul 24, 2020.

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    Hopefully in some way we still are and can influence the younger generation
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    So what happened? Were we so wrapped up in attaining "our" American Dream that we failed to see the enemy indoctrinating our children away from our principals? I believe I provided a solid foundation for my children, but they as adults are being bombarded by tons of liberal BS. Two of three are teachers and recognize the problem we are faced with today. I only hope they can see it through.
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    I think our kids, despite what we tried to teach them in many cases tried to achieve what we did but in a shorter time. They spent so much time trying that they neglected our grandchildren's upbringing. They left it to the schools and did not monitor what was being taught. That allowed the anti types to slip into place and warp the minds of young ones.