Weatherby is moving

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    Remember, these people believe a woman raped then strangled with her own pantyhose is morally superior to one who pulls a gun from her purse and shoots the attacker!
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    The likely answer to that for decades is that in spite of the negativity of California politics to the gun culture the California residents actually own more firearms than any other state. The onerous politics probably finally tipped the balance to a point that it is advantageous for them to move on now...

  3. chesterwin

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    I used to Elk hunt out of Star Valley, Wyoming. The community of "Freedom" is there. It's the location for Freedom Arms. They were in hard times and looking for investors. A missed opportunity.
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    I've owned two of the Freedom Arms Parker 10MM handguns and wound up using both of them in trades with dealers for firearms I wanted worse. If anyone has the Wyoming Arms Parker 10MM the Wilson Combat mags for the Colt Delta Elite fit them and function flawlessly.
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  5. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Or my wonderful state of Cuomotopia.
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  6. Cyrano

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    New York
    Pity places like Montana and Wyoming can't require sanity tests before allowing someone to move there. The liberals would all flunk and we sane people would have a sanctuary.
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    New York
    I'm wondering how much longer the Remington plant at Ilion will remain open. If the Lesser Satan is re-elected, I suspect not long, given how hostile he is to gun ownership by honest citizens.
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    Me too Cyrano. I know they moved some production to Alabama I believe. **** shame when Winchester and Marlin closed their doors back around 2006. Read Remington is out of Chapter 11 now.
  9. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    I've been expecting the announcement and can't believe they haven't got the hell out of this liberal cesspool already. Certainly the environment for them here is toxic being run by the liberal anti gun emperor himself.
  10. Jaeger777

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    Maybe because it would cost an awful lot and they had a lot invested in their current facility. Also maybe didn’t want to disrupt their employees lives until the political situation there made staying out of the question.
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  11. Ten Man

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    BINGO!! Give Jaeger777 a cigar!

    It is VERY EXPENSIVE and DISRUPTIVE to move a manufacturing plant!

    In the immortal words of Popeye, "That's all I can stands. I can't stands no more!"

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  12. Jaeger777

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    I think Popeye said it well!
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  13. TACAV

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    Probably because Weatherby only makes low capacity bolt action hunting rifles and shotguns and as such really not a whole lot of even Commifornia's stupid gun laws and restrictions really ever applied to them to make it monetarily worthwhile to have to spend all that money to uproot their entire long established base of operations and go elsewhere.

    Its the same BS reasons that companies like Kimber who primarily make low capacity 1911s are still based in New Yorkistan.... and why they were not too unhappy with the whole original proposed 7 round magazine capacity limit that was in the original version of the NY UN-SAFE Act. (later changed to 10 round)

    Kimber: "Ooh guns can only have 7 round mags? Well we are good then. No reason to move.":rolleyes:

    Or why twice now Beretta USA who is based in anti gun Maryland has threatened to leave the state over proposed or passed gun legislation over the years and they pound their fists over supporting the 2A but when they find out they get an exemption or loophole they stay...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    LWRCi Is another Maryland based gun company who makes Piston driven AR15's... MD banned most direct impingement AR15s in 2013 when all the gun companies were threatening to leave but Piston guns were not banned and are still cash and LWRCi is still in MD.

    When they feel threatened the companies cry foul about how they support the 2A and threaten to leave but then when they get a pass on it, they choose to stay and instead change their narrative and fall back on the "we are staying to support our local communities and workforce! (that we were just about to dump to move out of the state if we didn't like the new laws). :rolleyes:

    Other gun companies do stupid sales politics too.

    Not talking about Barrett refusing to sell to state governments in anti gun states but for example LaRue Tactical cancelled all of their AR10 sales to MD and canceled a bunch of MD customers orders even though AR10s are still cash and carry in MD...

    LaRue says they support the 2A by defacto banning their own guns from law abiding private citizens (not the government).

    as a private gun owner in MD, hey thanks, LaRue... azzholes you just effectively banned a bunch of guns just like the liberals did.

    It's all fun and games to a lot of these companies until new legislation directly impacts THEM and their Dollars. If not, if they dont have to spend the money to move elsewhere they most likely wont.

    No different than all the libtards who said they would move to Canada if Trump won and then they didn't.

    Or the Fuds at the range who turn their noses up at someone who brings out an evil black rifle...

    "Why do you need that?"

    Really A Hole? o_O

    The 2A is very much All or nothing and gun owners and the industry should all be on the same page but they aren't.
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