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    I bought every hootenannie whistle and bell I could fer my CZ 52
    The slide stop pin(bolt&nut) is a good item.
    The long extended slide stop is ok just dont bend it.
    I felt better with the hardened rollers. got the9mm barrel and Extractor ( a must to feed 9mm) this doesnt keep you from shooting 7.62 when you change barrels back.
    The fireing pin fix works great it lightened up the trigger A LOT !!
    Thats what it needed.
    Now A safety issue
    the Decock situation
    The decock on the CZ 52 is HORRIBLE.........bad .....dirty... smelly
    Every bad name I can say ....here. DANGER WILL ROBINSON
    it is a trigger.
    Even with the original fireing pin installed the decock function will fire a round in the chamber.
    This is on Both of my CZ's
    I have fixed the problem.
    Take the gun apart (the safety lever out)
    File the high sidedown on the left side insideside of the safety.
    This is what pushes against the sear to decock ( and FIRE) the pistol
    It isn't rocket science.
    If you do this the Decock safety will no longer function as a decock device. The function as a safety will remain unchanged.
    You can put it on safe and off safe same as allways.
    ya just cant accidentally while putting it on safe go over the detent, decock the pistol and blow your cajones off.
    If you are unsure of what I am talking about, get a thin dowell rod
    (just less than 30 cal) place it in the barrel (While the gun is unloaded) holding your finger on the end of the protruding dowl
    decock the pistol. if you feel ANY IMPACT that is the fireing pin striking the dowell
    Dont touch the dowell holding it level decock again. if the Dowell rod moves DONT use the decockwith a round chambered.