Well, now I know how to vote.

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    As a non-member of the NEA/OEA/local teachers union (excuse me, professional association) I am forced by our contract to support them financially through an agency shop agreement. I get a little bit of it back, but I have to pay them about $600 a year. For that, I get their publications delivered to my house.

    The latest one from OEA contains a nifty little pullout voters guide. Strangely enough, every candidate I favor is on their NO list, and every candidate I am sickened by is on their YES list.

    It's always nice to have my positions confirmed.
  2. bigbuddy21

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    and i bet all of the ones on the yes list are dems.

  3. Rave

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    I don't know about other lists,but on my list there are NO Democrats.
    Florida has a lot of good laws and all of them were created through the hard work of Republicans.
    Every time a Democrat gets in the first thing they try to do is destroy all the good work done by others.:thumbsdown:
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    New York
    Up where I live, we have one anomaly in the "Dems are agin guns and Repubs are for 'em" guideline. The Republican running for County Executive gets a poor grade from the NRA. Among other things, he's a former state senator who voted FOR the evil Patacki Gun Ban the state of New York is saddled with. His opponent is a businesswoman who has never run for public office before, but the NRA gave her an "A (qualified)" rating based on her filling out two questionnaires they sent her. Answers in public Q&A sessions indicate she means it, that she's not just trying to curry favor with gun owners.

    This is why you have to carefully read the literature these candidates put out to all and sundry.
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    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! You win the prize! 100% right! - or is that left?
  6. Yeah, Teach, I'm just about sick of Ohio's political atmosphere. Nothing but corruption, taxation, lies, and more taxation. They have virtually destroyed this state with their insanity. They call cleveland a dying city, but obviously they haven't driven around it lately. Its already dead and has been for a while now. That corrupt infection is spreading to the rest of the State. You used to count on Columbus and Cleveland being corrupt and jacked up, but now its the whole State.

    I spend a lot of time in Schools for my work and I don't see how you can stand to work in that environment.
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    Research the candidates as best you can. If you vote for an NRA, Union, or any other candidate without checking background... expect the folly to continue. Vote in new thought and hopefully a little honesty in politics. Change, out of my pocket, has turned to serious dollars.
  8. Leftist = Communist. Right = Clingers.
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    I'm clinging to, and waving the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights !!
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    What do you do that gets you into the schools? I think ours and most of the ones in this county (Wayne) are pretty good. I've spent my time in the city schools and there is no comparison. You can literally feel the bad vibes when you walk into a typical city high school. Ours is quite the opposite - the kids are happy, the staff is happy (mostly, every place has a couple of bellyachers), and we manage to turn out a decent crop of graduates.