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Went Shooting yesterday

Discussion in 'Range Visits' started by MosinRuger, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    Well folks I got out to the shooting range yesterday. had quite a good time. not the best shooting I've ever done but it was good practice.

    Started at the pistol range as there was a wait for the rifle range.
    shot the Heritage rough rider .22lr. shot great, really quite accurate too.

    I also put abut 50 rounds through my Ruger SR9c that initially gave me so much trouble. I had only one issue and that was a FTF, either light strike or hard/ defective primer.

    other than that the trigger and action ran fine.
    My accuracy was off with the pistol, i have been able to shoot this gun very accurately in the past, but not yesterday, I mean it wasn't atrocious, I was hitting center mass at 15 yards, but I expect better from both myself and the gun.

    At least I am confident I have gotten through the reliability issue, now I can focus on accuracy.
    as a reference I shot 6 rounds ( what i had in the mag) out o fmy .380 sig p238, and it had about the same grouping as the sr9c. that said the sig has always shot better than it looks like it should.

    Once I moved over to the Rifle range things turned up for me. I was shooting my S&W MP-15 MOE. Using only a shaky rest and the Burris ar-332 I was shooting very nice groups at 50 yards, talking 1moa with the occasional flyer, my pulling/ flinching not the gun. this was using m193 and m855, the m855 seemed to be more consistent.

    moving on out to 100 yards I was shooting pretty well, but not what i had expected.. hmm adjust little up..little left... dangit..

    then it occurred to me 2 things were happening, my scope mounts had come lose, and the barrel was quite hot.

    i tightened up the scope base and it went about back to where i expected it too but at that point i decided to call it a day.

    Next time I will get it back 100% on zero.

    The ar-15 performed flawlessly. not a single hiccup of the malfunction of the rifle. I shot probably 100 rounds in about 1 hour. the gun has a m4 govt profile barrel, skinny under the handguard. so it is expected and understandable that the barrel is going to heat up and once it does its going to affect accuracy. I didn't start noticing the effect of the heat until about 80 rounds or so. this was controlled but pretty consistent fire, a few minutes here and there but no large periods for the rifle to cool down, so I'd say this is pretty acceptable. I dont plan to take it to battle and have a sustained fire fight. If a couple 30 round mags arent enough to fend off whatever is attacking me I better GTFO anyways. Hunting would only require a few shots maximum so heat is no issue there.

    I have considered switching to either a medium profile barrel that is a little thicker under the handguard, or the opposite, a pencil barrel that is super thin the whole length, and maybe make it 14.5 with a pinned FH/MB to 16". I like the idea of having a super lightweight rifle, it will still do most of what could be asked of it, other than sustained accurate fire.
    on the other hand, I want a rifle that is robust and can handle anything thrown at it....what do you guys think?

    anyways, I had a nice drive to the range, it is in a state park, a good time shooting, testing and honing my skills, and even had a delicious hot dog from the stand at the range, I dont know how they make them so was one of those days where i kinda got some me time and got to recharge a little.

    thanks for reading.
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  2. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    A range day is a good day.
    I built one with a 16" flat top with a pencil barrel and that is a great little firearm and great to carry around. My brother has it now but if memory serves me correctly it was 6 pounds and a few ounces with a pair of flip up sights and a loaded 10 round magazine, and a lightweight 2 point nylon sling. It is accurate enough for bouncing those Do All Impact Seal targets all over the pasture, or shooting a deer, or popping a coyote. I'm sure though if someone did a mag dump the accuracy would not compare with a comparable length bull barrel, but I never built it with those expectations.
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  3. ChaZam

    ChaZam G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

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  4. MosinRuger

    MosinRuger G&G Evangelist

    thats a nice upper there Chazam!

    after thinking on it for a night I think Ill just leave my rifle how it is.

    If it aint broke dont fix it! Right?

    Well my rifle currently shoots fairly accurately, takes a good 3 mags to heat up to the point of effecting accuracy, and its not THAT heavy.

    I surely have no regrets about the rifle I decided to purchase.

    Some people may have the ability to go out and get a new ar every year or 2 or whatever.
    The one I have now will probably be the only one I will buy for the next decade or so, well see where life takes me after that. I'm glad I have the one I have now.

    Lately life has been teaching me a whole lot about hard work and not having things come easy. Makes me appreciate what I do have alot more.
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