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  1. Well, went out to the range yesterday and had some fun shooting my newly restored Izhevsk M44 for the first time ever. I have the bruised shoulder to prove it!


    Unfortunately, I stayed at the 50 yard range because I couldn't get a decent grouping with the sucker. Not to mention, it was nice to give the shoulder a break and pop off some .357 rounds in the same lane (groupings were a lot better with the pistol lol).

    I don't know if it has something to do with the ammo, the gun itself, or just me not doing a great job of shooting. By the time I felt like I was going to get the hang of it, my shoulder was screaming and I just had to quit.

    What should my sight picture look like when I am shooting this gun? Cover target with post and post flat with rear sight? Any tips here would be nice... like I said, I didn't get to shoot it as much as I wanted to due to the pain. I also noticed that I did better standing than when I had it resting on sandbags... maybe I'm doing something wrong lol.

    Anyway, sorry there aren't more pics and stuff. Wasn't worth taking a picture of my target, there were holes EVERYWHERE.
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    You need to redeploy your sandbags.

    1) lower the front stack of sandbags, and reset the FOREARM on the sandbags.

    2) place a couple of sandbags under the rear of the stock. get the sight picture close to the target by raising/lowering sandbags.

    3) grip the M44 firmly and pull straight back into your shoulder, so you "ride" the recoil rather than getting "slammed". Keep the trigger finger free and gently squeeze the trigger straight to the rear.

    4) Hold your "off" hand on the forearm with gentle pressure. You'll reduce recoil with the friction of both stacks of sandbags and eliminate the bruising by holding the gun properly.

    5) Sight picture would be top of post even with top of rear sight. Try a six o'clock hold on the black bullseye and shoot 3 for a group. Should be in the black at 50 yards.

    6) extend the bayonet. The M44 gets wierd barrel vibrations with it folded back.

    7) eventually, you can bring the "off" hand back to the rear sandbag and squeeze the sandbag to adjust elevation on the gun.

    Again, I can't stress enough how you need to lower your sandbag skyscraper and add a 2nd lower stack under the buttstock of the gun. Less recoil and more accuracy will result.
  3. Thanks for the pointers. I don't know if it was the range I was at or what, but the angle of the target warranted that many sandbags in order to get a picture of the target in the sight. It didn't seem right when I had them stacked that way at all... but I couldn't get a sight picture otherwise. Could it have been the angle?

    I held it very tight with every shot. I never 'slammed' my shoulder with it, but after about 30 - 40 rounds it was just plain sore.

    I'll have to go back and play with it some more, next time I will have a butt-pad, so I can try and get it dialed in. I'll try opening up the bayonet next time as well.
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    also try "slugging" your bore, it may be the fact that your gun has a worn barrel and you may not be able to hit anything with it even if you tried. The Mosin barrel is suppose to be .311 or .312 but I have one Mosin that I am putting a new barrel on that is .316 and it won't hold 6 inches at 50 yards!

  5. all very good tips. six o"clock is how i aim with all my mosins with iron sights. at least to one hundred yards. can't see farther than that with iron.

    if you shot that rifle with that many bags under it, you have a problem. there"s no way to be stable with that many stacked bags. find a 6"x6" wood block and throw one sandbag on top and one at the rear and find a shorter stool.

    those m44's sure will kick you when you're not holding them right in the "pocket". my first high powered rifle was an m44 and it beat me up till i learned how to get it in the "pocket" and keep it away from my collar bone. i sometimes still flinch to this day because of it.
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    To be truthful, I started reloading 7.62x54R so I could load down and not get kicked with my little M38. I now have some nice, mild kicking 150gr loads.

    I used Lee 7.62x54 dies - but the expanded ball was for .308. I borrowred the expander from my 303 british dies, which is .311, and I get perfect brass for a 150gr lead gas checked bullet. Put some industry favorite H4895 in and.....

    Kicks like a 30-30.
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    Try installing one of the David's Collectibles 1 inch rubber buttpads for the Mosin Nagant. It does wonders for improving the length of pull and reduces the recoil down to what you'd get from an SKS or an M-1 Carbine.

    Concur on shooting with the bayonet installed on the muzzle. That's how they were zeroed at the factory and it does make a difference in point of impact.

    Although this has been said before, try getting some wire insulation and sliding it over the front post so it's taller than the front post. Mosins were zeroed at 200 yards, so they always shoot high at shorter ranges. Just keep trimming the insulation a fraction at a time until you get the zero you want at the range you want it.
  8. Yes, the butt pad is in the making.

    As for the bayonet, it's on there but wasn't folded out... I'll try that next time.

    The weirdest part for me is the last part of your post. My shots @ 50 yards with the post lined up with the rear sight, post covering the target, were consistently low and to the left. Contrary to what you were telling me... but it could have something to do with how I had it set up on the bench.
  9. low and to the left are where my m44's hit with the bayo in as well. all three of them.

    if shooting corrosive ammo, don't forget to wash the bayonet after shooting as well.
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    I had the same **** problem today couldn hit SH^T tryed everything seemed like every shot went way too high....but my mosin doesnt kick like everyone says theres does first time i shot it today and it didnt kick at al the way i thought it would of i was suprised is there a reason why it didnt kick much?
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    You didn't mention what model you were shooting. The long rifles don't kick like the carbines. Different ammos have different properties, too.
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    If you aren't interested in having the bayonet extended at the range it is a simple matter to re-zero the front sight windage setting with a hammer and a brass punch. this link might be helpful.

    Collecting and Shooting the Surplus Military Rifle: Adjusting the Mosin Rifle Front Sights
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    ohioman i think maybe everybody has a different recoil tolerance, and maybe it changes over time. My 91/30s recoil felt soft to me, when i went to shoot my first carbine [M38] i kinda braced for the coming kick when i fired the first shot i was surprised, it felt like i had remembered the 91/30, i haven't shot my M95 Steyr yet so maybe that won't feel so gentle :dunno:.
    Couple yrs ago i had a 16 ga. side by side shotgun, that sweet little thing
    hammered the snot outa my shoulder so bad i didn't like shooting it.
    OOPs i did it again:eek:ff::sad6::pat:
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    A Steyr is pretty bad.