Wep Boys, I've gone and injured myself..

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

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    Woke up Saturday morning with a stiff neck. Thought I had just slept wrong. Sunday it was a little worse. Oh h e double hockey sticks, I'll just pop an Advil and then self medicate myself till the pain goes away. Monday we almost called EMS to get me out of bed. Couldn't move from the waist up. (Not due to the self medication!lol). I figured I would wet the bed (from the self medication lol) b4 EMS got there, so I rolled off the bed and made it to the john. Went to the doctor. He gave me some muscle relaxers:p (That's about what I look like on them) and told me to come back this coming Thursday.

    Well, I read the bottle of muscle relaxers and it said, "Do not drink alcohol with this medication." Are ya sure that would be the way Waylon and Willie would do it:rolleyes:? Of course not, so I self medicated again on top of the muscle relaxer. Dang man, don't make any plans for about the next twelve hours if ya do that!

    Went to work today and couldn't get up the stair at the station. Sgt sent me home about half way thru the day.

    I have an MRI tomorrow. They think I have a hearniated disc. Anybody ever had one? What is it?

    If a Sgt sends you home for an injury that COULD be work related (as I said, pain started Sat morning.) should I have to burn my own time.

    Also, how does Workman's Comp work should it truely be work related. I have good insurance (well, as good as they get). Just want to be covered should I have to go under the knife or something and miss a good amount of work.
  2. Hank Springer

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    Sounds like one for the Chaplain ole boy. All jokes aside, I wish you well.

  3. oneastrix

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    Lord I know it sure hurts. Sitting upright in a good solid chair seems to be the best way for me right now. Guess I'll spend the next few days on the computer since this chair seems to work best, and I hate TV.
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    Hey Hank, I've got a good friend who is with the Hancock County Sheriff's Office. Do you know where that is in your state? I'm assuming that it's on the gulf since it got a town called Bay St. Louis...
  5. PAPA G

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    AH FEEL YOUR PAYN........

    herniated disc about 15 years ago, definately no fun. the disc is a kind of cushion between the vertibrae. sometme they have a blowoutand the disc presses against nerves causing pain and sometime immobility. your in for a real time if thats the cause (medical ins b/s) you'll have to check out the work/comp laws. as they can vary.:(
  6. oneastrix

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    Oh boy! I'm having the shooting pains down my arm as we speak. They originally thought it was a pinched nerve. Sound familiar PapaG?
  7. 1*
    I hope you just have a bad strain or a pulled muscle and not a herniated disc. A herniated disc is when the sac that is between the vertebrae in the spine ruptures or leaks the fluid. The fluid acts as a shock absorber between the vertebrae and if it ruptures, the nerve bundle that goes down the spine can rub or become pinched and that hurts like all heck. Many times it will heal itself over time, but sometimes surgery is needed. Its not nearly as invasive as it once was and recovery time is short. The disc is usually fused to prevent movement and that will keep the nerves from screaming in pain.
    As far as workmens comp goes, I believe you get 2/3rds of your full paycheck after missing 10 consecutive days. At least thats what it is here in Az.
    Hope this helps and get better soon!!!!
  8. Oxford

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    It makes a big difference where you were hurt.

    Oneastrix: Sorry about the problem you're having.

    My comment to you would be to think back real hard about the time (think really hard(ha)) recently when you were at work and slipped, or fell, or did something that didn't seem important at the time but now is becoming a problem. You can be sure it happened at work...not at home.

    The reason is because your insurance company will require your doctor(s) to write up a history of the injury. What you tell them will make a difference in who pays. It will determine whether or not workman's compensation is charged off against your employer or whether your personal insurance carrier has to pay the bill.

    Good luck and take plenty of time off to get completely well before going back to work. Ask for occupational therapy if there is a need. It could be that something you're doing at work is causing the problem.

    Oxford :nod: :nod:
  9. PAPA G

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    oxford is right mine happened when i bent over to pick up a screwdriver. but i said i did it leaving work in the company parking lot no one questioned it.mine was in the L-5 of the lumbar region, ungodly pains in the right leg, and couldn't climb steps. was only able to lay down a certain way.sounds like yours in the neck. the surgeon didn't fuse my vertibrae, and from what others tell me i'm glad he didn't.
  10. Dang son, you're too dang young to be falling apart on us, ya know?

    The main thing is to get treatment and take it REAL easy.....even after you're feeling better.

    A back problem can be one of the most miserable (and often reoccuring) experiences a mortal soul can experience.

    I had a training injury to the lower back sometime ago but I won't bore you, or anyone else, the details. Only to reemphasize good treatment (sometimes therapy) and rest is a must.

    If it was a work related injury make sure you go through your departments channels to get it PROPERLY documented and filed with the state labor department.

    There is case law, here anyway, that has now allowed a chronic job related back injury be classified as a true disability as defined by the American Disabilties Act/Law. Keep that in mind in case you ever need it.

    Take care pardner.
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  11. Stopper

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    Papa G - exactly where mine is, between L-4 & L-5. I did mine during a softball game 6 years ago. All in all I paid 20% and I have really good insurance for working in the private sector. My disc was pressing on the nerve running down the left leg and good god man, that is the worst debilitating pain and shear fear of lack of strength with your back - good luck, see a chiropractor that uses an "Activator" - not an Old time CRUNCH chiro - the activator chiro got me back on my feet in 3 weeks after 1.5 years of brushing my teeth sitting on a stool - No Pooh!
  12. Logansdad

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    That Herniated Disk is seriously bad news...:(
  13. Mandy

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    :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult: :assult:

    Sorry to hear that you're injured.
    You must seek the proper treatment ASAP, I waited some time on a wrist injury and now I have to live with the periodical pain for the rest of my life or get 6 months with a cast and try to recover movement in my hand later with theraphy (no guarranties about the full recovery).
    That was in '87 and still I can't find a way to put that cast on.
    Run and seek full medical attention.
    Worry later about the bill, they can't do you nothing if you don't pay.
    I regret so much that I didn't paid attention to my injury at the proper time, and I remember this periodically when it hurts for a day or two.

    Wish you well, and do what the doctors say.

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  14. wes

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    I have a slightly herniated disc in my neck due to two rear-ends about 3 months apart. I have to be kind of careful doing certain things,lifting,working above my head,no more roller coasters. Sometimes if I just move it wrong,I get an un-bearable headache. I remember the Doctor telling me they didn't really understand neck injuries to well. Don't have surgery unless it's a last resort. I've kind of learned to live with constant pain. Hope you get it worked out.
  15. tommy

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    well this topic is right up my ally.i got hurt at work about three years ago. Ihad a ruptured disc at the c 6/7 level in my neck. and at the 3/4 level two well they operated on the 6/7 area first .(after the ins co screwed me around for almost a year) they put a plate and a bone gragh in it . Well it did nuthin for me so another year went by and they put a cervical cage in the 3/4 area and fused it too. Still nuthin i can go on and on about what happened with my neck but i can't stay at the puter that long. if you need some advice i can say that i am a pro when it comes to this .and from a pro workmans comp sucks . they don't send the checks on time .( got my car repoed as proof) they are not worried about you'er well being ( i can't even go see a dr when i need to )thank god for ssi if it was not for the ssi check i think i would have lost my house too. hey astrix pm me we need to talk you'er goin to need some good friends . maybe i can help you
  16. oneastrix

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    I'll do so Tommy. MRI at 0930 hours. I'm about willing to give my good ole K-Bar to the doc so he can open me up and carve it on out. Will update....
  17. tommy

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    i know how you feel astrix if the pain i have would be in my arm or leg i would have it cut off (all jokes aside) it just gets that bad.
    hope you don't have to take one of those nerve conduction test .
    They are bad you will need alot of self medication.lol
  18. oneastrix

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    Well, went to the hospital this morning to do my MRI, got bumped back to 1430 hours! Just like the medical sector. Guess I'll update y'all this afternoon.
  19. Stopper

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    Tommy - is that the test where they shock the back of your legs to measure your nerve propogation. They put that probe on the back of my knee and just about sent me threw the roof.

    Good luck1* - I'm telling you, go see a chiro that uses an Activator - you will thank me. He'll be able to adjust only the virtibras that need it and once they are where they belong the disc sweeling will go down and so will the pain!!!! No pooh!
  20. Stopper,
    I dont know what an activator is, but I went to a chiropractor that used the "crunch" method. You could hear my spine pop and snap in the next room. I went every week for a year. I was pretty sore after the first couple of treatments but after that I started feeling pretty good. After about 6-8 visits my range of movements had improved dramatically and the pain was all but gone. The only bad thing is that the treatments need to be an ongoing thing because the spine will settle back down to the same position it was in before treatment.
    I will admit that I always thought chiropractors were quacks but after taking cortisone shots for the pain (temporary relief and not good for you), muscle relaxants (puts you in la-la land), a chiro was my last resort. I am now a firm believer in it because it sure worked for me when traditional medicine didn't.