Were are our "friends" now????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Been stuck working too many hours...but the rocket (Atles 5)launched so I get the weekend off.... spent a lot of time thinking and ???? our "Alies" and "friends" around the world.....Russia who we have given some major $$ to now telling us NOT to invade Iran....Britan and the others telling us to back off...Saudi Araba and the others threating us. What happened????????
    The USA use to be the big dog on the compound and now our "friends" are slapping us around like a prison $itch.
    When did we become a wimpy nation that others can tell us what not to do?
    As for our buddys around the world, why if the heck are we still sending them $$$$ ?????????? Ok think your bad..then you dont need our $$, loans, grants, food ect. But we get slaped around and still give them $$. Makes me wounder whats going on.

    Maybe someone can explain it to me, cause Im lost.:confused:
  2. Lenny2

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    Maybe the US is wrong in trying to do a "pre-emptive strike" against Iraq. I know this will make me unpopular, but think about it. The whole world thinks it is a bad idea, but we still want to go ahead. No country is always right, including us.


    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    The problem is that noone wants to stand up and take charge until its too late and then its "why did the US let them get this far" or why isn't the US doing anything. We need to take charge for once and finnish what we started.
  4. wes

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    Why do we need the world's ok? If they don't like it,who cares. Maybe they'll tell us to stop sending $$ to them. Yeah,right. Israel has said if they are attacked they will fight back,if the rest of the world has no backbone,we don't need them. Phac is right.
  5. Chris

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    No one seems to mind when we go to defend them, maybe that seems a bit odd to just me....
  6. PAPA G

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    the only solution and cure for this 'hole mess, is to make me supreme dictator!!!. i'll set it right, guaranteed!!!:rolleyes: :D
  7. PAPA G

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    doglips congrats on the launch. the atlas was used to put john glenn in orbit and still lifting today. good deal!!!:nod:
  8. Doglips

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    This is the Atlis 5..was its madin flight..heavy lift rocket. Lots of big dogs running around...had me working my butt off and Im a Salery employee so no O/T for me...was a pretty launch..Lockheed is happy only spent 1 Billion $ on it.
  9. 7mmag6

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    hey, when you are top of the heap, everyone wants to knock you off, discount friends, there are no friends in international diplomacy, countries behave like women( now that was a politicaly incorrect statement), they dont have friends, they only have interests
  10. johno

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    seems like most of the time the majority of the people are wrong. so if the whole world wants us to not invade iraq, they are probably wrong. no one is going to do anything if we do invade, and we can either do it now, or reap the consequences when sadaam is stronger.
    i'd also be even happier to see sadaam try to pull something on israel and watch the israelis turn baghdadd, mecca and everything within 100 miles into a pile of radioactive rubble, cause the U.S. doesn't have the guts to do something like that, even if it needs to be done.
  11. Calvin

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    When there's war, people want peace. When there's peace, people want war.
    Everyone's wishy-washy when it comes to this topic. It's okay to have a war, just don't inconvenience ME with it. I have too much invested in that sand box for you to blow it into the wind. However, if you wanna take that rock pile over there and turn it into sand, that's okay with me. I't's not MY rock pile, and I'm not really friends with the guy who own it. He doesn't want you in his yard, either, huh? Well, if you just hang around for a while, I'm sure I can pick a fight with them and you can finance my rescue, just don't trample the grass when you come back over here, okay? And, leave your flag there, too. I find it too offensive, even if I am totally dependant on you for protection. Hey, I'M the victim here, and as such, you will do as I say, or I'll run next door and tell him what you're doing.
    :rolleyes: SNAFU, people.
  12. Johno I have no doubt that Isreal can deal with saddam insane by themselves. So why should they have all the fun?
  13. johno

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    they shouldn't have all the fun. i'd be happy to go over there and help do it. the problem is that i think the isrealis are the only ones with the guts to do what needs to be done. our country won't do anything like that untill we get rid of enough democrats.
  14. dadsfreehold

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    where are our friends ?

    greetings, had a simular post on another forum a few days ago. while i agree that a war with iraq at the moment would not be advantageous, i also agree that we have relied on world opinion for too long. i believe we sould pull out of not only the un but nato as well. far to long we have proped up these ingrats and put up with their slapping us around. we should cut off aid to all of them and pull our troops out of the balkans and let them have a go at each other. we should finish the job in afganistan. then give iraq the choise of overthrowing hussin or annexation. we should also tell s. arabia that they now work for us, and the same for kuiate. respt submitted dads-freehold
  15. Oxford

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    We need someone in top leadership like Harry Truman who'll back up words with actions.

    In the meantime, the U.S. is perceived by many Europeans and Asians as weak because of our governmental process. It's not weak...just taking plenty of time because of the democratic process of decision making.

    As for me...I'll take our system any time over the countries mentioned in the previous posts.