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I am glad to see things starting to move forward here again. Every change in a web site brings turmoil and confusion. The changes here did not go well on the users end. We lost a few regulars from the original format. That is sad as the new forum seems to be progressing nicely and I am starting to see new names posting here. We veterans of this board welcome the new visitors.

Guys and Gals, tell you friends about this place. It is a good forum and I think a much more orderly forum than the one we loved of late.

I just want to say thanks to the admin for spending as much time as they do on the site. I know from personal experience that maintaining a web site is extremely time consuming, expensive and you get the brunt of every person who does not like something.

Once again, thanks for keeping the site alive. Places like this are sometimes the only way the masses can hear the truth about gun related issues and the truth about the threats gun owners face from the anti gun lobby.

"Listen to me and you'll have more women than you can shake a stick at, if that's your idea of fun." Groucho Marx:p
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