Were to close to the house.

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    Coyotes woke me at 12:45 AM July 5th, sounded like just behind my pole barn. Walked out there with a 12ga and # 4 buck but still saw nothing but they presised with there party till I sent 2 loads thru the woods.

    Again they woke me at 4:15 AM July 7th in about the same area but stopped when I turned the flood lights on. then 4:05 AM July 9th sounded as if they were traveling along the creek and stopped they yapping when the flood lights went on.

    Later in the day I called my friend Eric to see if he wanted to come Saturday to see if we could take out a few since several had sounded like pups. Told me couldn't make it Saturday but could be here at day break Sunday.

    True to his word he arrived at 5:15 AM all ready to head out in his mosquito jacket since he knows my place with the creek and woods mosquito breeding grounds.

    We discuss how we want to set up, Wind was no problem since none was regusetering on my weather station. Decided we would use two callers and set about 75 yards apart, him up the ridge above the creek in the main woods. Me to the south close to the horse pasture fence where I could see the creek just below Erics stand.

    Decided Eric would start the ball with a fawn in distress call then switch after about 15 minutes to the favorite distressed piglet sound. Once he started his piglet sound I would kick mine in and play the same sound.

    I should have had a 12 ga with # 4 buck as 5 minutes into the fawn sound started I had two coyote nearly run me over going to Erics caller at full tilt.

    Isn't long and I hear a shot, then a lone coyote comes my way stopping to look back as Eric started the hurt pup sounds. The Swift fires and I have a coyote down. Just as the shot sound dies Eric starts the Piglet sound.
    So I turn mine on and let it run the 2 minutes till the silent spot.
    I catch a quick glimps of a slinking coyote along the creek, going in the direction of the distressed piglet. It disappears from my view, then I hear Eric shoot again.

    Wait a full hour from the start and Eric comes walking down the back fence line to the horse pasture fence sees me and smiles and shows me 2 fingers.

    Left the coyotes for me to pick up with the tractor and loader. Said he had a adult female and a juvenile male the first kill. We gather my gear and walk to my coyote a female most likely this years pup full size but you could see by the teeth and foot pads young. Good summer fur on all of them.

    We walk back to the house and set down with Coffee for Eric and Tea for me and talk.
    We have not seen each other face to face since the last week of February.

    Said he and Mike have been discussing a group picnic at Mike's place soon.

    After the coffee was finished Erice said time to head back home is 7:30 AM and he knows my wife will be awake soon.

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    alleyyooper: Sir; another good hunt :)
    Time will tell; whether or not; if the pack moves on
    Good friend T time follow-ups chats ending :)

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    get a couple of pyrenees dogs, that will end the coyote problem on your place.
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    I don't want any dogs so big I need a cattle traie rto haul them to the vet or any place else.

    Rather just shoot the coyotes. I enjoy the hunt.

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