westernfield or savage .22 parts?

Discussion in 'Savage' started by goodsteel, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Please help,
    I am repairing a rifle for a friend but I cant find parts in the usual places (brownells and midway) this is happening more and more frequently as I repair guns for diferent folks. The one I am stumped on now is a Westernfield SB808B I need a new extractor and a new firing pin. I would also like to find an exploded view of this rifle. Any help would be great!
    Thanks! :AR15firing::banghead:
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    numrich(gunpartscorp) would be one place to start.

  3. Steve

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    try JACK FIRST also or lees gun parts at i1-972-790-0773 tues ---- thur
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    Welcome to Numrich Gun Parts Corp. and don't to cross refrence the "house" name for the original manufacture. for example i own a western auto 22 but it was a copy of the glenfield and anytime i need parts i buy for the glenfield name.
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    I was given a rifle by my grandfather, a Westernfield Model 36 22cal, which he bought back in the early 1930's. From what I can find via the internet, the gun was sold by Montgomery Ward, and manufactured for them by either by Mossberg and/or Savage. I am looking for a bolt for the gun which has the firing pin and retractor in-tack. If you might have one laying around or have an idea where to look for one you can email me at : [email protected] Thanks!
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    Check HALVIN sales on the web. They list parts for westernfield I belive its Halvin sales an service
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    Sorry to be so late to this party!

    I have one of these old rifles, which I used to teach my son to shoot before letting him move on to a semi-automatic .22. A single-shot rifle concentrates the mind! He liked shooting both .22LR and .22 short rounds in it; we couldn't find any .22 long rounds for him to try.

    Yours is either a Savage/Stevens model 52B or a Mossberg model 10; both were sold as the Westernfield model 36. Figuring out which version you have is the first issue, since they look almost exactly the same but use different parts. Numrich lists only Mossberg 10 parts for the Westerfield 36, with no note about the name also being used for the Stevens 52B, for which it also has parts. (Mine is a Stevens, but it took me a lot of research to figure that out.)

    Numrich lists some Stevens 52B bolt parts as in stock, but not the complete bolt assembly.

    BTW, ignore the many cross references that list the Westernfield model 36 as a Stevens model 521 -- that is a shotgun, and the reference is simply a good example of how an error can be repeated over and over as one reference copies another.