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    Heck Yeah, A&F used to be an importer I think. Back in the day they were quite the sporting goods store. You can find A&F marked shotguns and whatnot too!

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    Heck, even Tiffany imported some guns back in "The Day"....
    Whatever would sell! :)

    Prices today would be 'silly/ridiculous'!!
  3. then what happened....why did their metaphorical member, shrivel up and rot off....what prompted the creation that is....*gasp*......this evil!!


    im watching them, waiting.....I AM THE KNIGHT!

    you know they would have a his/her section :kiss:
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    ruger used to made hand drills! so i guess anythings possible!
  5. well that actually makes sense, i knew that
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    In some places in the world, S&W is more known for handcuffs than firearms :)
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    So Grababooty & Pinch used to import pistols? Well daggum! I'da never figured that!
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    New York
    What happened was the world changed. Abercrombie & Fitch used to be THE hunting outfitters. If you were going on safari to Africa, to England after grouse and red deer, or up to Canada after moose and polar bear, or to South America after jaguar or whatever, A&F was where you went to buy your hunting and camping gear. They were a full service operation, and they stocked absolutely nothing that was not first class, top of the line. You paid high for their gear, but you knew it would never let you down. They had an in-house gun shop and in-house gunsmiths, and they were about the only place in America where the smiths did the same sort of try-gun fitting the English gunmakers were famous for. It was a sportsman's paradise; the kind of place you imagined outfitters in Heaven looked like. Any outdoorsman or -woman who was anybody shopped there or through their catalog, from Teddy Roosevelt to Amelia Earhart to JFK.

    Then it became politically incorrect to hunt. Then the countries in Aftrica where rich folks had gone on safari gained their independence and forbade hunting altogether or restricted it severely. And people stopped being willing to pay top dollar for top-flight goods. And then GCA 68 came along, along with the rise of the anti-gunenrs in America. Bottom line: as a sporting goods store, Abercrombie & Fitch went out of business in 1977.

    The name was purchased by Limited Brands (which also owns Victoria's Secret and The Limited) and reincarnated as a store aimed at upscale teens, with a sporting theme in its apparel lines. (As you might suppose, they don't sell sporting goods any more.) The company still exists as a division of Limited Brands, but its products have nothing in common with what made their name something to conjure with around the world.
  9. tis a sad world indeed
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised if those places were ones that have extremely strict gun laws/bans. You know, the ones were criminals and cops have guns but the citizens don't .:hitwithrock:
  11. Check out the movie "Man's Favorite Sport" sometime. It sort of revolves around A&F as a sporting goods seller.
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    Sears used to make rifles, good ones too I hear. They didn't like that associated with their name so they stopped making them. I hear that if you can find one cheap it is a steal because most people don't know about them.
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    AMF used to make Harley's for a while. Didn't mean they were good at it!
  14. It's getting worse.