What a great day...got to do this more often.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Oct 13, 2002.

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    Just got back about 8pm tonight from a 90 mile trip up north of Kansas city around Fairfax where my son-in-law and I did a lot of practice shooting earlier today. Don't know when I've had so much fun getting ready for deer season which starts around November 17th.

    First I used up a box of 30.06 shells in my Remington 1903A3 firing with open sights at paper targets located 75 feet away. We attached our targets at the base of a large hill out in the country close to the Missouri River. The reason for 75 ft. is because that's about the distance we'll have for hunting deer in the timber area later in November.

    The 03A3 is one fine gun. Had very little recoil kick and with a steady rest I had groupings that I could live with. Most were within the inner orange square which I think was about 1 1/2" across. That'll take care of any deer if I get the opportuntiy.

    I had been a little apprehensive about the potential recoil because of a rotator cuff operation I had within the last year. Turned out to be no problem at all.

    Even shot a few clay pigons with my shotgun.

    Eventually we headed to the hilly timber area and set up four different tree stands. On the morning of Nov. 17th we'll be back there by 6 a.m., probably freezing our butts off, sitting on those stands looking for bambi.

    What a great day this has been. Got to do this more often.

    Oxford:D :nod:
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    must be nice to have a son-in-law thats agreeable to have around!!! you have done your part well. now if the pacyderm's don't scare off bambi you will do well!!!:rolleyes:

  3. Oxford

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    Nothing like a little salt....

    I couldn't have two better son-in-laws. We get along great. We all enjoy shooting, fishing, and hunting. Last year they left me at home to recouperate so I harassed them enough this past year to let me tag along. We'll see who brings home the bacon...woops...venison.(ha)

    Jerry, my son-in-law who lives up north, used to live on the farm where we'll be hunting and knows those hills and valleys really well. They've put out salt licks (woops is this legal) throughout the year in the timber areas and deer have been licking them down.

    Checked today and lots of hoof prints are there, plus plenty of limbs have been used for back scratching by the deer. All the correct signs are around there which should mean we'll have a good chance to eat venison this year.
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    DON'T FORGET..........................

    the pepper, and garlic along with that salt!!!:rolleyes: ;) :D
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    The difference between inlaws and outlaws is that outlaws are wanted!!!
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    good luck Oxford, hope you get a deer. I'll try to post a recipie we used last year for caseless no fat added deer sausage. It turned out really good.

    I haven't gun hunted for deer since I lived in AZ 8 years ago or so. Do the Bow thing now. I thought about applying for a gun permit (slugs here) but there seems to be an awful lot of people in the woods. makes me a bit nervous.
  7. Oxford

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    Safety has got to be on everyone's mind throughout the entire hunt.


    I know what you mean about being a little nervous with so many people out there hunting.

    First of all, "no hunting" signs are posted all over the property and my son-in-law's two brothers (who'll be hunting with us) live right across the road from where we'll be hunting. They've kept a good eye on the hilly timbered property throughout the year. Of course, some jerk could always make a bad move and enter our hunting zone. We'll be watching for that situation.

    In addition, our deer stands are separated with tall hills that are covered with thickly wooded trees between us.

    And finally, we'll be wearing all the bright orange colored clothes that we can put on for our protection and to satisfy the game warden in the area.

    And as a final source of safety we'll have two way radio's to communicate between stands (only if it is absolutely necessary).

    The question of when to stop hunting comes to mind. We've agreed that whenever each one of us (there'll be four) either gets a kill or decides we've had enough and wants to head back to shelter, that we'll be looking for each other to move around the perimeter of our hunting zones. That part, I'll have to agree, makes me a little nervous.

    Definitely, safety has got to be on everyone's mind throughout the entire hunt.
    :nod: :assult: