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    Just got my L1A1 by Century arms from SOG. Stripped it, de-greased, cleaned, oiled it, and took it outside. Severe jamming problems with one mag, the other worked flawlessly. Milk jugs flew way up, chunks of earth were rapidly relocated, cans dissapeared, wood was shredded without mercy.

    My buddy, six feet behind and to my left, felt the blast through his clothing as it came out the compensator. What's more, I hit everything I aimed at, which is (sadly) not all that usual.

    Wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted in this forum. Your advice and comments have been exceptionally helpful, and after reading the "Scope for FAL" thread placed an order today for a SUIT scope and some other goodies.

    These forums have been repeatedly invaluable, and again, thanks all for turning me onto this kick-*** battle weapon.
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    I also have a Century FrankenFAL . Shoots fine .

    I hope you headspaced it before you shot it ? Some of the things Century does , works , and some does not . Fact of life .

    Having said that , I just got through ordering a Century CETME through SOG . I am hopeing and praying for the best . :)

    Hope your FAL turns out to be as good a rifle as mine is .

    God Bless