What a Trillion dollars looks like

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  1. I found this image to be very interesting.....even after seeing it...it is hard to wrap my head around how much money that is! Geez...and the gubbmint spends this much all the time LOL

  2. It is sorta small, but you can open a new tab and zoom up on it.

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    Glad i got to see this. The gov't usually spends it faster than it could be photographed.
  5. Here's a larger image...simply amazing. I don't think I could ever spend that much if I tried.
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    I wonder if the U.S. Treasury Dept.
    Is gonna hire a 3rd shift, to keep the printing presses going!

    You could call them, GREEN jobs!
  7. ...and that is all in 100$ bills! Imagine how many pallets a Trillion bucks would be in 1$ bills!!!