What about a .35 Whelen?

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    I hate to wade into these kinds of discussions, especially without high boots,:) but here goes.

    I do my hunting in New Mexico and Colorado. I currently own a .22 LR, .223 Rem, .243 Win, .270 Win, and a .300 Win Mag. The .270 is my primary deer rifle with the .300 my primary elk getter. I use both of them as the backup for the other one.

    I'd like to buy a .35 Whelen, primarily as a hog rifle, but also as a backup to my .300 for elk. The Whelen isn't especially common in the west, therefore, not much knowledge about it. I undestand that they are fairly common in Pennsylvania and the southeast.

    What sort of recoil should I expect from the .35 compared to the .270 and the .300? I know that longer barrel length will increase velocity, but what is the recoil difference between an 18.5", 22.0". and 24" barrel. Recoil for the 18.5" is clearly going to be more severe than a 24", because of difference in rifle mass, but is the velocity trade off worth the difference in recoil? What is expected effective range? A .358 bullet is punching a bigger hole with a heavier bullet than a .308 sized round, but not the same delivered energy as the .300 win mag because of difference in velocity.

    I want something that will put a hog down, NOW! My .300 has a 24" barrel, the .270 a 22" barrel. I'd love to have the Whelen in the 18.5" barrel for handling in the field purposes, but with recoil, and velocity, at it's worst with the 18.5", I'm thinking that the longer barrel may be worthwhile.

    I'd appreciate the opinions of any .35 whelen lovers, as well as .35 whelen haters.

  2. Mmmm,

    as you already have some recoil info I just wish to add a thirty five Whelen has a lot of put down power for just about any game animal. It can certainly send a hog rolling.

    It is a well proven cartridge. It has really good balance of velocity and bullet diameter/weight to impart a great deal of energy.
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    If you are worried about recoil why not consider a semi auto in 35 whelen? Remington 750 comes in 35 Whelen and the Browning BAR may as well. Sure takes the bite out of the recoil with out having to use a muzzle brake.
  4. I did quiet a bit of research on the 358 Win and 35 Whelen 3 years ago and I could'nt believe these calibers were so deadly, acurate and almost magical. Yet you hardly see them used by anyone though they do have a pretty big following of user's. I don't think you would be disappointed with a 35 Whelen and as far as recoil it should'nt be to much more than shooting a 220 gr. bullet from a 30-06.
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    The Whelen is a .30-06 necked up to .35cal and can handle up to 250grn bullets.Altho I never personally shot game with one,I have been around them and shot some.They are a real thumper!In a bolt action mostly the recoil is what you make of it (the heavier the setup,the less recoil.)I never thought it was bad even in around 8lb setups.Basically it handles a 200gr,225gr and 250gr bullet with velocities ranging from 2650fps to about 2800fps in the lighter two and 2450fps to 2550fps with the 250gr.The game I saw taken with the .35 Whelen, (whitetail,mulies,and elk,it was outstanding.The average shot I saw or knew about was 125yds but sighted in at 200yds it is basically about 2" to 3" high at 100yds and from 8" to 12" low at 300yds.With muzzle velocity as stated it ranges from about 1800fps to 2100fps at 300yds,plenty for large game and energy levels are high enough for the largest game in NA.Altho old,it is still a he*l of a cartridge for medium to large NA game. ,,,sam.
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    I am not sure the Whelen would do well in that short of a barrel. It is a .30-06 based cartridge and they seem to do better in longer barrels. With the 18.5" barrel I think you would see better performance out of a .358 Winchester. Another short rifle that would fit your bill might be the .350 Rem Mag in a Remington Model 7. They are light weight, short action, and 20" barrel.
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    Same general powders and everything,I believe the .35Whelen would be relative to the .350mag and about 200+fps faster than .358 win with equal barrel lengths.This is only an assumption based on a little scratching on paper here,no real proof or evidence. ,,,sam.
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    why are you worried about recoil? its a hunting rifle and will most likely not be shot hundreds of rounds in one sitting. if it really bothers you get a limb saver pad, either screw on or slip on. the 35 whelen will take most game in north america with no problem.
  9. Another thought sort of related to your post

    Along the lines of a necked up thirty ought six case I just want to mention the .338/06 also has a devoted following.

    It is also a really great performer and for those who wish to get an action rebarrelled plus loading supplies the cost seems worth the outlay.

    I, too, have often wondered why the thirty five Whelen failed to garner a greater market share. The performance is certainly there to justify a big demand.
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    I really love the old 35 Whelen !! I've shot several, and dearly want one of my own. I've seen them put the smack down on Moose and Bear with ease. With modern powders, I would guess the 20" barrel would suffice.
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    Recoil Concern

    I have an artificial shoulder. I don't want to undergo surgery again any sooner than I have to. I can shoot the .270 all day long with no issues. The .300, which btw, is a Browning Bar Safari, is not something that I wish to take as a steady diet. I don't want to start flinching. I wish Browning produced the .35 in the BAR but they don't. I've added limbsavers to all my long guns. I even have a shooting pad made by limbsaver. I ain't taking no chances.
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    i considered the 338-06.

    But i'm not sure i'm too enamored of the wildcat aspect of the .338. Ammo isn't really an issue. i would reload anyway. I mostly can't justify the cost of the rifle. Besides, anything the .338 would do, the .300 win mag would do better, and because I want it primarily as a hog rifle, I want something that pours a lot of lead into a big hole.
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    The .35 Whelen is a fine cartridge, and the best part about it is that any garden variety .30-06 rifle is a perfect candidate for converting, and in a pinch you can make your own brass from .30-06 cases, doesn't get much easier than that!

    I have always been a huge fan of the medium bore numbers, they really wallop animals with those big, heavy bullets.
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    now i understand the recoil concern. remingon makes a 35 whelen semi auto, google or gunbroker remington 750 woodmaster .35 whelen
    some other low recoil rifles that come to mind...
    Winchester super X ar chambered in .308
    Browning BAR in almost anything
    Mini 14 in 6.8
    or put a graco recoil reducer on any gun. i have one for my 12 ga and you dont feel the heaviest load. they make a stronger pad for heavy rifles http://www.graco-corp.com/gra-coil.aspx?CategoryId=18
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  15. Is it possible to have a gunsmith put mercury in the buttstock of the rifle?? I know this was a practice done several years ago to help reduce recoil, but I'm not sure if they do it anymore.
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  17. franchi

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    i have mercury in my mosin stock. its in a recoil reducer thingy, you dont come in contact with it
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    I wouldn't want to "come in contact" with it.That would be a terrible way to die.If I had it I would see about getting rid of it.I heard about a woman that dropped one of those new "GREEN" bulbs and it cost something like $2300. to clean her house. ,,,sam.
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    they use mercury in recoil reduction inserts. i would argue that the larger diameter of the .338 offers more killing power over the .300 mag at ranges up to 200 yards.