What Are You Doing On The Reloading Bench Today?

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    the prosess is really super simple, but it can get more complicated depending on your desired outcome on target.

    any you need a jacket.
    and a lead core.
    you seat the core in the jacket and squeeze them up in diameter close to the final diameter.
    to do that you use a core seating die.

    then you use another die called a point forming die.
    this one puts the basic shape of the point on the nose and bumps the diameter up to the final size.

    there are other dies you can add such as a tip forming die.
    this one shapes the extra lead at the tip into the pointed shape you see on your normal hunting type bullets.

    [of course you need a different weight core to accomplish this versus a non exposed lead tipped bullet.]

    the best way to get that is to use a core swaging die which compresses the lead into a more uniform shape and size by bleeding off a small amount of excess lead
    from each core.
    this one has other benefits such as it removes any air [from a cast core] and gives you a smoother finish push against when seating it in the core.

    you have other dies, but they are pretty self explanatory and are probably unnecessary for 90% of what most people do.
    and you have other accessory's for the different swage dies.
    you can put different point shapes in the point forming die
    flat noses, rounded noses, large and small hollow points, all in the same point form die.
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    20 rounds of 308 with 125gr Accubonds for a ladder test. Then, I moved the scope back on my CZ, so I can stop craning my neck for a clear scope. The reason is was so far ahead before is the bolt handle would not clear the bell... Mr. Dremel had a few words with Mr. Bolt Handle, and I just got back with some super blue to re-blue the polished face.
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    I unloaded some 308's today. The 168gr BTHPs were SWEET! Four shots could be covered by a quarter, maybe even a nickle. The first was a clean-bore shot, but the group was still MOA-ish with that flyer. The 125ers did ok. MOA-ish, slightly under, maybe. As long as I can hit a deer out to 300ish yards, I'll be happy. Those seemed to like the upper end of the TAC charges.
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    Here’s the target with the 168gr BTHP:


    And also the test batches:

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    I've been spending 20-30 mins a night this past week loading up the 300 H&H brass. Have two ladders and some sight in ammo loaded.

    I'm using the 180gr Nosler Accubond and the 190gr Berger VLD Hunting. For the Nosler i'm using Reloader 22 with a Federal Large Rifle Magnum Match primer. For the Berger i'm using IMR 7828 and the same Fed 215M primer.
    For my sight in loads I'm using 168 Sierra Match Kings over Reloader 22 and the Fed 215M primer.

    Last night I received my new scope (Leupold VX 3i wind plex 4-14x40 30mm CDS-ZL) and rings and today getting them mounted. I also picked up a factory take of Remington 700 plastic stock for $40 shipped to my door. Going to put it all together and hopefully take it out shooting next week if weather cooperates.
    I wanted to go this morning but the Queen of the house had plenty of honey-dos for me to take care of.
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    I ordered a 250 bullet box of the Hornady BTHP’s I posted above. If anyone is looking for them, both Midway and Brownells has them, but Brownells’ is $6 cheaper, plus shipping was about $5 vs Midway’s $12. These will go for both the 308 and 300blk, as they worked for the little guy, too.
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    Finished loading 200 rounds of 30 carbine. Tumbled a couple hundred mixed pieces of, .243, 22-250, 7.62 X 51, 30 carbine & 20200922_160119.jpg .223/5.56. Just finished sortin'em.
  8. Loaded up 100 rounds of .44 Special using 240SWC and 700-X, the Lee Auto Disc started to mess up towards the last 10...had to take it apart, clean it, polish up some of the sliding surfaces and "lube" it with graphite...seems to be okay...it is 40 years old...
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  9. blaster

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    threw all my fired 10mm auto brass in the tumbler.
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  10. jerry

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    I need to get back to processing brass. I don’t
    Get excited about that. It really sucks

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    Especially when it's military brass with the primer pocket needing to be swaged.
  12. Yesterday I loaded 150 .44 Special with 240gr LSWC over 700-X, today I loaded 100 .45 Colt using a 225 LFP over 700-X...I really have taken the bull by the horn and organized my MT Brass, processed brass, and loaded catridges...I had a bunch of .30 caliber ammo cans and .50 caliber ammo cans I found on craigslist for free, yup saw them listed as scrap metal and snagged them...most are decent a couple have rust but I will treat that when I am so inclined...They are nice, stackable, portable and weather tight...I needed to be able to label everything and colate by caliber, bullet weight, quantity, etc. I went to the local Staples and was looking for labels when I saw that they had 100 labels for cheap, I guess because all meetings are being done "virtually"..I bought them. I then spent the better part of 2 days organizing the work area...When my Wife came home she came downstairs to see what I was up to. She saw the labels I bought and asked why I bought them...I said because they wanted $7.29 for the same sized label plain but 200 pcs, I got 100 of these labels for $2.99 on sale...she shook her head and said that is what I expected and laughed! Here is a picture of the cheap labels..;)

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    loaded up 213 rounds of 10mm with 180gr HST bullets and 10 gr of Long Shot.
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  14. Sizing and priming some 6.5 Creedmoor and 270 Win. cases so I can redo some test loads. After that I'll see what's gonna shoot decent. Then the ones that shoot decent will be tested again just to be sure they will stay consistent.
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    Very nice. I label my cans similar, but use duct tape.

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  16. austinjoe13

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    I loaded 30rds of 308 yesterday—125gr Nosler Accubonds over a stiff charge of TAC. Today’s rain-day activities consisted of loading 10rds of 25-06 with 117gr Hornady Interlocks over IMR4350.
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    My cousin came by and wanted to learn how to reload ammo. We have spoken about it in the past. I showed him the process from cleaning the brass to finished rounds. I loaded a few rounds of .44 Mag. and then let him load a few, while I watched and advised. He did well and asked good questions. I think he will enjoy getting into it.

    I advised him on equipment he will need and how to set it up. He has components and powder on order, and seems eager to start "rolling his own". I told him he can use my setup till he gets his own equipment.
  18. cooker300

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    Just did some 44mags

    Waiting on some 38 cal bullets to so up
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    I'm starting to feel like the slacker in the group. I use masking tape on the top of the can with caliber, bullet, powder and charge, and COAL.
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    Went to a local gun show and picked up 500 pieces of .38 Special brass. Came home and loaded about a hundred of so of them. Got'ta go back tomorrow for some 45 ACP brass. They didn't have any today but said they would bring it tomorrow.
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