What Are You Doing On The Reloading Bench Today?

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by gandog56, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Unfortunate, but true. It’s like gas prices. You need them.
  2. I basically inherited a slew of reloading dies and components when a friends relative had passed and they had to clean out the home...he is not a reloader but knew I am. All of this stuff was stored very nicely..remember these prices?! 20200728_130019.jpg
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    Like the song goes, “Those were the days!”.
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  4. This stuff is pristine, I was always one if I walked to a LGS to buy a box of ammo, box of primers, etc...obviously this stuff is old but it was stored in a home for years..there was a decent quantity of the CCI 500...great primers feeds in an Autoprime...its all good!
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    50rds of 300blk today. 168gr Hornady BTHP over H110.
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    Loaded up 29 rounds of 38 special, 158 grain SWC with 3 grain of Red Dot and some small rifle magnum. primers.
    Had a partial box of those primers laying around, with no magnum rifle loads to make with them. No shortage of Red Dot.
    Figure will do some single action revolver shooting.See what the .357 can pick off the top of some fence posts tomorrow afternoon.
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    I need to do 200 more 300’s to finish off the box of BTHP’s, but I get so annoyed trimming those little cases. My RCBS funnel doesn’t like putting H110 in them, either... Christmas ideas are coming! :D
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    I must be slipping, or I have a problem.

    walking up a draw deer hunting yesterday I come across a spot where someone had been shooting a 45 acp and a 5.56 leaving a pile of brass.
    I picked up 3 of the 45's and seen they were small primer and could tell the 5.56 was lake city stuff by looking at it.
    I went on my merry way without it.

    circled up to the top into the next draw over and around through a big long stand of pine trees.
    as I circled around to come down to the truck I popped out of the quakies right where the pile of brass was laying without consciously thinking about it.
    almost 3-1/2 miles of walking through and over a mountain coming down to just that one particular spot.
    the brass radar part I understand, but how I managed to walk off and not pick all that brass up is the part that worries me.
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  10. You didn't want to jingle when you walked
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    I often have an issue with H110 and static no matter what the method
    . Do not know if that is your problem but I have found a piece of bounce drier sheet pulled thru the funnel or charger, seams to take care of that nicely.
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    It's not so much that as the funnel itself. The end you put over the casemouth is stepped, rather than coned. Sometimes the funnel feels solid, I dump the charge, and I see H110 on the loading block, as well as in the case.
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    Wow....that's alot.

    A few months ago I scored some CCI's at a LGS which were running around 35 bucks or so per 1K.
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  14. A couple of days ago I wet tumbled 300 .45Auto cases, yesterday I primed all 300.Yesterday, I wet tumbled 400 .40SW cases and today I loaded 200 rounds. They are loaded with Federal small pistol primer a quantity of Unique and a 165gr Plated Renier .40/10mm bullet. They are loaded seated and then a slight taper crimp is used...
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  15. ninwnc

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    Behind the shop where I work, we have a "burn hole" where construction scraps and unwanted wood are disposed of. Yesterday I went down to burn it out. As I pulled up by the hole, I caught the glimmer of the sun off a piece of brass.

    Wound up with 78 pieces of .38 Special and 86 pieces of .223 brass. Chunked it in the tumbler for an hour or so. Then separated it and loaded the .38 Special. I'll start on the .223 when I.m done posting this. 20201020_134831[1].jpg
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  16. Rocky7

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    Turned the necks on 150 nickel plated brass until I remembered that it can't be annealed so won't last all that long anyway. Enough of that. I should toss the nickel-plated I have; it was supposed to just be an easy way to tell apart ammo made for different rifles in same caliber.
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    50rds of 300blk, and the last 30 200gr 10mm XTPs were given a home. The blackouts were made with the same recipe as the last lot... 150 more to go to finish the box. The 10’s are my tested over-max load. We’ll see if I can get close enough to a deer with it.
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  18. Found a about 225 cases of .45 AutoRim, decapped sized and wet tumbled..another 250 cases of nickle plated .45Auto Federal wet tumbled them as well....loaded some 50 rds of .38Spl 105gr SWC. Have to make up some powder dippers for the .32ACP...have to do some math...
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    I have been using my reloading bench today to take pictures of guns for my gun/library/inventory. I hate this job. It is worse than making a will. I've been putting it off for years so it's time to get it done. I also wanted to make to leave notes on each one so my kids know what they are looking at. Then there's the insurance aspect. I am finding guns I forgot I owned and that is embarrassing...nice ones, too!

    I'll be glad when this is over so I can get back to loading and shooting; what the bench is for. It'll be another day at least. MEH.
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  20. cooker300

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    Just got in 500 pieces of 125gr RNFP in .357 from Missouri bullets. not sure if I'm going to load them for 357mag or 38spl
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