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What Are You Doing On The Reloading Bench Today?

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by gandog56, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. I loaded a few 556 ar rounds yesterday and today. Lc cases 55 gr fmj with 23.5 grains surplus powder. They worked well. I've had so much trouble with some military brass lately and it was a pleasure to have something work out without any trouble
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  2. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    The 100gr Sierra Game King is accurate and works great for Western Mule Deer. My friend has used his since he was 16 and he's 45 now. He's been loading the Game Kings for years. Based on his experience I decided to try loading them and using them.
    They are accurate in my rifle but haven't had a chance to connect with a deer.

  3. runfiverun

    runfiverun G&G Evangelist

    I have had pretty good luck with the game kings.
    I even got the stuff to duplicate them here at home for the 30 cal rifles.
    everything but the tip form die.

    I guess I should look at them [or at least dig around on the bullet shelf and see what I already have]
    I don't know why I would have any but I got stuff for other calibers I don't/didn't shoot and for some reason I had a die set even though I never imagined buying a 243.