What Are You Doing On The Reloading Bench Today?

Discussion in 'General Reloading' started by gandog56, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. austinjoe13

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    50rds of 30-30 on the books for tonight. Tomorrow, I will do some 380's if it is raining
  2. ninwnc

    ninwnc G&G Evangelist

    While rearranging the ammo shelf, I came across a box with some primed .270 brass in it. So I reloaded'em. That took care of the last thing I had to reload. So I checked around to see if there was any more rifle brass to load.

    A year or so ago, my oldest son bought 11,000+ pieces of range brass. Lots of .223 / 5.56, and the rest was mostly handgun brass. So I decided to check the buckets for anymore rifle brass. No rifle brass in the buckets. So I took the one with 9mm brass and started sortin' it by headstamp.

    This bucket was about 10 inches deep with brass when I started. I put out 6 plastic trays and started. Seems like PAC, Federal, R.P., Winchester, & Blazer are the most popular at the range where the brass came from. There are lots of other headstamps that I tossed into the "other" tray. I'll sort them tomorrow.

    Did this while watching the NASCAR race. Just finished a little while ago.
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  3. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    loaded up all the fired 9x18 brass on hand with 3.6 gr. of Bullseye and 95 gr. plated bullets. threw a bunch of .308 Win. brass into the big tumbler.
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  4. austinjoe13

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    60 more rounds of 30-30 today. 50 the same as yesterday, seating the bullet to COL of 2.550", and 10 seated to the crimp groove, COL 2.50".

    99 rounds of 380 got turned out, too. One case split during the mouth expansion/powder charging process.

    For the 380, I used Accurate #5, and it was dispensed with my Lee Auto Drum. I knew the powder would leak since the flakes are so small, but I did not realize how much powder would actually come out. I put a paper plate between the die and measure to catch the leaking powder. All said and done after 100rds, 67gr of powder had leaked out.
  5. cooker300

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    NW PA
    getting ready to get some 44mag and 45 colt finished up.
  6. Mowgli T.

    Mowgli T. G&G Evangelist

    Unload gear from trip to the range. Get ready to cast bullets for 40 and 10mm. Start shopping for more 300 WSM brass. More clean up. Like most days I'm glad to be anyplace. Take care and be safe.
  7. ninwnc

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    After all the sorting yesterday, I tossed the Winchester brass in the tumbler for a couple of hours. When It was done I tossed in the PAC brass. I decided to load out the Winchester brass while the other was tumbling. It was just one plastic tub full. So after a while, I stopped the tumbler, and kept loading.

    Seems there is more brass in the little tub than I thought. I loaded 200 and there is still a lot left to load. It's still about 3/5ths full. I recently ran out'ta paper boxes for 9 mm, Bit I still have a few empty ammo cans. 20200525_220729_Burst01.jpg
  8. Txhillbilly

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    Loaded up some 6.5 CM , 6.8 SPC , and 6.5 x 6.8 wildcat cartridges,and prepped,trimmed,and primed more Lapua 6.5 CM, 260 Rem., 7mm-08 brass. I'll be back out in the shop loading more tomorrow after I run some errands in the morning. Need to load up some 25-06, 6.5-06, 308, and 223.
  9. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    loaded up all the fired .32 acp brass on hand (136 pieces) with 71 gr plated bullets and 2.6 gr. of Bullseye. then I found a bag with 185 pcs of primed 10mm brass hiding on a shelf. so I loaded them up with 10.8 gr of Long Shot and some asst. odd lot 165 gr bullets that were gathering dust and the rest with some 165 gr. plated bullets.
    I wish it would quit raining so I can get to my flooded range and burn some of these up!
  10. austinjoe13

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    I sized/deprimed about 600 pieces of 380 brass after work.
  11. Mowgli T.

    Mowgli T. G&G Evangelist

    FL sized what few rounds of 300WSM brass left. Also, ran enough 30 caliber 185 gr. bullets to do some more work in the 308's. Got enough 175 gr. 40 caliber bullets to stock up on 10mm rounds. Really need to do some clean up in the Skunk Works. I'm gonna shoot up some handloads tomorrow at our weekly match.
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  12. jerry

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    I’m taking a break before I begin not to like this. I’ve never processed so much brass. It’s loosing its romance.

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  13. Mowgli T.

    Mowgli T. G&G Evangelist

    Burn out: You are not really there working with brass until the stuff all looks alike. One gets to the point where it is necessary to ponder if this case is 44Magnum or 40 S&W:eek: It can get bad enough to need glasses to read head stamps.
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  14. Huey Rider

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    Cleaned, sized and deprimed some 9MM this afternoon.
  15. austinjoe13

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    I shot some 30-30's through the chrony today. 10 shots were loaded with the bullets seated to standard COL, and 10 were loaded to the crimp groove. Velocities varied from a low of 1161fps to a high of 1403fps. I averaged out the two groups, and the set that was seated to the crimp groove averaged 60fps higher than the other--1280fps vs 1220fps. That's less energy than my 10mm pistol even, but they sure make the model 94 fun to shoot.
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  16. ninwnc

    ninwnc G&G Evangelist

    Put an AR-15 lower together. Then finished loading the 9 mm brass left in the little plastic tub. Turns out there were 441 pieces of brass in that little tub. Good news: they are now all loaded. Bad News: The PAC brass ready to load is in a bigger tub, and it's full. Gon'na need another pound of powder.
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  17. ninwnc

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    Started loading the PAC 9 mm brass. Loaded 136 and ran out'ta 115 grain bullets. Worked on cleaning the bore an a Mauser I just received.
  18. TXplt

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    Hey how long did it take you to get your order ? They've usually been pretty good (their website says they're backed up so I expected it when I placed the order) but I've had some boolits on order for awhile.
  19. austinjoe13

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    I think it was just shy of 4 weeks.
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  20. Stickman

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    I am going to start casting bullets for my .54 muzzle loader. I have all of the gear now but no experience, so expect a few questions from me over the next few weeks.:)
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