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What do they know that we don't

Discussion in '1903' started by shaddownone, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. I have been supporting the CMP since 1998.
    I wonder why they changed the limits on rifles.
    In speaking with them today, it is expected they will run out of M1's within 2 years, selling them at current levels.
    I would expect they would keep the limits and promote the expansion in individual memberships through shooting clubs.

    Now Joe can buy 5 M1's, sell 4 to of them to pay for the fifth.
    The 1903 program, Joe can buy 16 .....

    What do they know that the rest of us don't.
    Will there be some law passed that bans thease rifles from individual ownership???
  2. Shaddownone, There WAS a rider on the last Defense Approations Bill that delt with "Surplus" Firearms that were "Owned by the DOD at one point in time or another" It further spelled out what would happen to the Firearms, FULL DEMILL at the owners expence, a time table for this to take place and the only thing that was NOT spelled out was WHO WAS TO BE DOING THE DEED. Good thing it did not pass, but it is something to watch out for next year... To read the full text go to the U.S. Congress Website and pull up he DOD Approations Bill for this year, it will be in SECTION 1062. If this section would have passed the CMP along with all the others that use Military guns will have been a thing of the past.