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  1. Bosbeer(RSA)

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    Hi. I complete al handgun/ safety training and want to get a handgun for self defence and for combat shoot. Im looking 2 get a CZ75 for about $ 280/ R2000! Is this a good or bad idea?
  2. squirrelblaster

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    well i got my used cz75 for $419 dollers befor tax. and sorry for not knowing but whats a R2000?

    just did a google search and the only gun related thing i could find under R2000 was a pair of remington thinmuffs (over ear hearing pertection) going for $99 at cabellas. if thats what your talking about them this is a great deal!!
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  3. DWARREN123

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    If $280 USD it is very good for here in the states even if not in the best of shape. The CZ75 is a very well thought of handgun.
  4. phoenix79

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    the Rand is the south african currency. He's saying it costs $280 or 2000Rand, which is a GREAT deal for a CZ75 at least in the US.