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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by knabenhaft, Sep 9, 2002.

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    Went to the local gun shop just to waste some time and of course they have an egyptian hakim in 7.92. They want $300 for it, but the only problem I see is that some of the componets in the bolt housing are missing. Their gunsmith is going to look at it and the guy will get back to me about it. Meanwhile it is on hold for me. Should I buy it at $300 and get the replacement parts or I was thinking of offering $200 - $250 for it like it is and replace the missing parts.

    What would you do in this situation?

    Also, while looking at some sites about the hakim I cant seem to see how the bolt works on this. Can someone please explain. From the pictures I have seen there is a handle on one of the bolt plates but they have another piece that moves forward. At the gun shop I could not figure this out.

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    if its missing parts i would pass. unless its really, really dirt cheap, like almost free. parts may be hard to come by, besides having a smith thats familiar with them put it together. charging the hakim from descriptions i have read is confusing, something about the action cover is used to feed the first round round???my .02

  3. knabenhaft--

    I just bought a Hakim in great shape for $296 w/ shipping included. They are really fun rifles to shoot and they are very inexspensive to get ammo for as compared to the Garand. As far as this deal is concerned, I would not pay over $300 for a Hakim. Parts are not as easy to get as the Garand. I would shop around on AuctionArms and Gunbroker.com . I put about 300 rds of that Turkish ammo thru it and it had no problems. Just have to make sure that you clean it really good if the ammo is corrosive. There are many of them out there, so I would shop around. I just saw two on Auctions Arms that some moron is trying to sell for over $600 & $800, he will never get that for them. As I said your max should be $300.

    I hope that you get one just to experience that whooosh that blows back into your face when you fire it. The 8mm is more powerful than the 30.06 but in a Hakim the recoil is almost nothing.

    Good luck
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    The "whoosh" is there to keep sand out of the action when it is cyling. It was designed for shooting across the desert, after all.
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    I've actually found $350.00 to be the threshold dollar amuont for a G-VG Hakim. I would HIGHLY reccomend getting the Gas port adjustment tool from TAPCO. The red plastic key works well and is cheap. The plastic key will not work on a Hakim with a frozen gas port. There are many ways to loosen the gas port, (Liquid Wrench, Crud Cutter, I have a friend who swears by WD-40). Be sure to learn the manual of arms for loading a Hakim correctly, (I keep it on safe throughout the whole process).

    "Hakim thumb" is not cool... I know from firsthand experience.

    Enjoy! Hakims are fun, they make quite a statement on the range...