What do you think of the americans bombing the Canadian forces?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JohnD, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. JohnD

    JohnD Guest

    I say we should pull out of the ammerican operation if the pilots can't tell the differance between canadian forces and talaban forces. Actualy I am realy pissed off. Somone should pay for this and there familys should be compensated for there losses by the ammerican gov. or whoever is responsible.

    Anyway that should light the fire or the bomb
  2. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    John you are more than justified in your feelings regarding this I feel bad hearing about any deaths of our forces U.S. or Canadian. Hopefully it will not happen in the future and the command and control over the forces will communicate better and tell pilots about live fire training in areas this was a blatant case of lack of communication and those servicemen have made the ultimate sacrifice.

  3. Jeremy

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    Since i don't know the conditons that led to this accident i can't say as to what action should be taken. I can tell you that if i was in that company and it was my friends that were killed i would be looking really hard for that F-16 pilot and "asking" some questions. For all i know, they could be my friends(i know some 3rd Battalion guys), but i have to know exactly what happened before i start demanding compensation or anything like that. Everyone makes mistakes, it just depends if this was a stupid aviodable one or if it could have happened to anyone. It made me very mad at first, but then i put some thought into it and decided to wait and see what happens.
  4. PAPA G

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    dodo happens in a war zone...thats why they call it war. hundreds of troops in countless battles have died from friendly fire. miscommunications, bad intelligence, or just plain in the wrong place at the wrong time. any one in the military, or their families should be aware the possibility of death and if its bothers them don't join!!!
  5. Calvin

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    I have to agree with Papa G on this. It's a risk that you take when you enlist. Friendly fire has always been a tragedy, and I feel sorry for the Canadian soldiers who perished, along with their families. However, this isn't the worst case, and it won't be the last case, either.
  6. Klaus

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    The reports I heard said it was not even a combat mission. It was allegedly training. I doubt we will ever know the truth here. I have seen too many things covered up as "training accidents".
  7. JohnD

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    The troops on the ground were training at night when they were fired on. I think this is a classic ammerican case of shoot first ask questions later. Sorry but that is what I think
  8. JohnD

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    Ok I have a few more details the Canadians were doing a live fire traning or target shootin. This was a designated traning area, the pilot radiod for premission to bomb target and was denied but fired anyway. The air controll new the Canadians this and faild to give a reason wile the pilot figgured he was being shot at and thus droped a 500lb bomb.
  9. MikeC

    MikeC G&G Newbie

    JohnD, I hope that this screwup doesn't hurt relations between countries. Not having all the details it is hard to judge. The thing that bugs me is that "friendly fire" should be a thing of the past. Technology should help prevent this. If we were talking about war in 1960 I could understand it better.
  10. Oxford

    Oxford G&G Evangelist

    Suppose the situation was reversed and Americans were accidently bombed by Canadians?

    I agree that these "accidents" happen in war. That doesn't make it ok to smooth over it as if nothing important happened. And I don't really know if smoothing over has happened yet. It's too early, not enough facts are uncovered.

    Think about it this way...if the Canadians "accidently" dropped a bomb or grenade on Americans how do you think Americans would react?

  11. To JohnD:
    As a U.S Citizen I feel that I can speak on the behalf of the rest of the American people of the utmost sympathy that we all have in your current loss. The relationship between our two peoples is such that in other country's relationships this would be a tragedy. Between our countries, it is more..no it IS losing a family member. I know you are upset and deserve to be so. But know this. In the U.S we consider the loss of a Canadian Soldier the same as if we lost one of our own. Maybe worse. This is one of those times where as a family member we would wish the pain was on us instead of a loved one. In closing I know you are upset right now but please remember sir we as a nation have your entire country and families in our prayers. Our hearts are sick too and I can assure you that all is being done to :A, get to the bottom of it and B; make sure the steps are taken to minimize a repeat scenerio. God Bless.
  12. Stewart

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    The sad fact is that no matter how great the technology, training, or communication, these accidents sometimes happen, that is why they are called accidents. There have been incidents of friendly fire for probably as long as man has had armed conflict, and unfortunately I believe the "Fog of war" will continue to make these incidents unavoidable.

    Does that help the families or countrymen of those killed in these incidents? Of course not. I know that if it were the other way around there would be a lot of angry Americans wanting to know what happened, and an investigation should take place. Right now I think it is really too early to speculate what might have happened. Will we ever find out what actually took place? Hard to say.

    I also know that it is not something that any soldier wants to experience, I am sure that if it was a true accident the pilot right now is having a very difficult time. During Saudi Arabia The only two destroyed Bradley Fighting vehicles that I saw were both the result of friendly fire (TOW Weapon systems) luckily the crews avoided injury.

    The perfect solution would be to never have to put soldiers in harms way, but that is not likely to happen. At best you can hope to learn from these incidents and improve methods to avoid them from happening again in the future.
  13. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    So, this was not an accident. The F-16 deliberately bombed the Canadians after they appeared to have opened fire on him. The question now is, did the Canadians actually fire on the jet, or was the pilot tragically mistaken?
  14. Stopper

    Stopper G&G Newbie

    Klaus, from what I have read and heard. The pilot did not kow it was a training excercise, he saw weapons fire and asked for permission to fire, he was told not to fire unless he felt he was under direct attack, so at some point he must have thought he was being attacked. I have a hard time believing the pilot dropped the bomb on friendlies on purpose. It was a tragic mistake and my heart goes out to the Canadians and thier famalies.
    As long as there is war, there will be friendly fire incidents, it is literally unavoidable, the "fog of war" is real.

    It's just a really tragic accident, God bless those men!
  15. wes

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    I am very troubled by this. It should not have happened,the Canadian people have every right to be mad,they are some of the finest people on earth and each of us is responsible for every projectile we put downrange. I'm very sorry this happened.
  16. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    I did not mean that the pilot deliberately dropped the bomb on known friendly troops, I meant that the release of the live bomb was deliberate. Like I said, the question is, why did the pilot think they were shooting at him, given that it was a training site.
  17. Stock Doc

    Stock Doc G&G Evangelist

    Slinging snot is wrong and mistakes happen plain and simple. This is as bad as the minority problems in this country {U.S.}. No common sence thinking and wanting to hang someone right away. Trust me the American pilot did not purposely shoot the Canadian soldiers! Stop this finger pointing and trying to make excuses. War is just that and this "kill the enemy but dont loose one troop crap is insane".
    In war many people die and that is that. All wars have had freindly fire deaths and so many per war it is unthinkable. If Canada didn't expect a accident to happen or any other country for that matter than they are nuts. Yes there was a accident this is why it is called a accident. I feel for the families as they will suffer but I bet they understand as I would if it happend to any of my family. I would never unless proof was shown that they killed my family on purpose be upset.
    Im tired of war's being acted out like a movie and we wont make a move anymore if a life may be lost. Go in rip-um a new ***** hole and show these screwed up counties we mean business. If there gonna use a big bomb so be it. Its like suicide someone is gonna do it no matter what you cant stop it and if you did they were faking it to begin with. I'm sick of getting in trouble for killing 100 bad guys and one young kid dies during the episode and were the bad guys. Get over it folks many people die in war. Sorry,,, Rick B
  18. ChesterGolf

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    I knew one of the soldiers. His family lives 10 miles from my house. Accidents, however unfortunate, happen. They should but they do!! I know the parents of the young soldier are feeling at their lowest but nobody is considering the pilot. He must be going through some of the worst days of his life!!!:( There are two sides and MANY different casualties both living and deceased. There are never winners in war but let's remember why we are all there. Blame the terrorists for the deaths. Without them none of our troops would be there.
  19. amadeus77

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    I think Canadians should pull out what the hell were they doin'g there anyway... helping Americans??? This is your THANK YOU>>>
  20. ChesterGolf

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    Canada is there because the US needs support. Not military support because there isn't a country that can hold a candle to the USA, but political support has to be there if this war is to end. The UN can make things miserable in a heart beat if the US doesn't have support in their corner.