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    A billionaire throws a party at one of his mansions and suddenly requests that the music stop. He takes everyone to a pool and says, " this is the pool where I breed Australian crocodiles, the person that jumps into this pool and comes out the other side will win my cars, my planes and my mansions.

    At that moment, someone jumps into the pool…the scene is awesome. Locked in intense conflict, the intrepid defends himself as best he can, controlling the mouths of the crocodiles with hands and feet and a twist of the tails. There was allot of violence and excitement, it looked like a scene from Crocodile Dundee!

    After a few minutes of terror and panic the brave man, full of cuts, bruising and almost naked, pulls himself from the pool on the other side.

    The billionaire rushes over to congratulates him and asked “Where do you want me to deliver the cars and planes?”.

    “Thank you but I don't want your cars or your planes” replies the gent.

    And the mansions? asked the billionaire.

    “I have a beautiful home, I don't need yours” he replies once again, “You can keep them,

    I don't want anything that's yours”.

    Impressed, the billionaire ask, “If you don't want anything I have offered, what do you want?”.

    The man replies irritated “ I want to find the S.O.B that pushed me into the pool!”.
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