What does "government unrest" mean?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Mad Hatter, May 8, 2008.

  1. Mad Hatter

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    While I was watching CNBC today they interviewed some big wigs about the price of oil and asked what would be the price before things get ugly. They said once oil reaches $150. a barrel there will be "government unrest" .. what does that mean?

    Amazing.. in the last two days Wall St. is finally saying, what is going to be the toll to the average American within a few months with the high oil prices.. WOW what a shocking revelation !!
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  2. TXplt

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    I actually saw a fairly coherent statement of the problem and what we need to do today from a rep from Illinois on C-Span. Nuclear power, coal to oil, coal power, drilling offshore, drilling in AK, renewables, in other words NEW ENERGY.

  3. Pred

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    Gas just went up another $.20 today, $3.75 for regular and $4.29 for diesel. I tell you this, my company better get their heads out of their azz before the SHTF. Gas keeps going up and we won't have anyone to deliver the newspaper. Not like you get rich off of doing that job, doesn't help when gas gets to these levels either...
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  4. Well, . . .

    . . . . like many contemporary sayings, it is more what people think it might mean than having a specific definition. It is somewhat like
    'War on Terror" which, in reality, has had more to do with diminishing the freedoms of American citizens than hurting Osama and group who live a relatively good life in Pakistan where Bush will not send the American military.

    The fact cannot be denied rising fuel prices are tearing at the fabric of American society. The question of pressure on the government to do something before greater economic distruption and genuine civil unrest begins is a valid concept. This, in one way, is a definition of government unrest although perhaps government stress might be a better phrase.
  5. mitch_mckee

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    I'd like to know what is meant by "government unrest" myself there, my friend.

    The only thing that comes to mind is the "unrest" some in high places might get if times get REAL hard. I suspect that is the kind of unrest experienced by French royalty at the end of the revolution.

    I prefer that elected officials remember their history. Cake is for birthdays.
  6. Seabeescotty

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    Maybe get some payrolls for politicians deflated, and turn them into part-time jobs, so they can feel the pain as much as the rest of us. Maybe then, they'd do something about it. And maybe figure out a way to hold the speculators, who have driven prices so high, responsible for what they are doing to their country!
  7. Big Dog

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    I fully expect NO relief in gas prices are coming - we WILL see five bucks a gallon sooner than y'all think.
    Fuelwise, I figure I can get by riding my bike on $5/gal - but that will also mean vast increases in our electrical bills, and for food at the grocery stores.

    Everything is shipped by truck these days - we get the shaft going and coming.
  8. Windwalker

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    TXplt, what they said on C span is the same thing we have both been suggesting for a month now. Think they will finally start construction on multiple nuclear generating stations across the Nation?
  9. Goverment unrest in my oppinion will be protesting and bashing of our retards in Washinton. DC.
    It should be interesting !
  10. blaster

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    I can't wait to see the peasants take up their pitch forks and shovels and march on the place. Thomas Jefferson knew what he was talking about when he said the the nation needed a revolution every 20 years. carrier politicians are what is bringing this country down. they are secure with their high salary and benefits. if they had to work a real job and live like the rest of us serfs, things would be different. I just hope it happens while I can still help.
  11. Seabeescotty

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    The carpetbaggers in Washington have been raping us for years, but here lately, they've gotten too greedy. It's time to reduce them back to part-time positions, so they can't make a living off our backs. If we make politics a job where you have to hold a REAL job to survive, the crooks will melt away. We are supporting way too many lazy jerks, parasites who are bleeding us dry.
  12. patrick70

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    The politicians have been bought a long time ago.They really don't care what we think.I don't think there's any hope for this country anymore.I've heard of CIVIL UNREST but never GOVT UNREST.
  13. Rave

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    "Governmint Unrest?"
    I don't know,perhaps it's time to start another war,these are about worn out and seem to be only occupation of a couple of countries that don't want us there.
    Besodes,Israel has been beating the drum for some time.:sad:
  14. killer

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    I agree with patrick70 regarding the terms civil/gov't unrest. Maybe it's some new buzz word they're inventing. Guess I'd be restless too if I was in Congress and had no plan whatsoever to ease the problem. NO PLAN WHATSOEVER.
  15. SKS NOOB

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    Sometimes "the word" is planted like that just to stir things up and make it REALLY happen. Oh well! Welcome to modern America.
  16. Cyrano

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    New York
    People have been talking about how electric cars will solve the oil crisis. Maybe they are right - but I don't think so.

    I commend to all of you Ernest Callenbach's books Ecotopia and Ecotopia Rising. Written about 30 years ago, you want to read Ecotopia Rising first; it's a prequel to Ecotopia. Many of the points on how you need to view things like electric cars, for instance, are relevant to thinking the problem through.

    Proponents of electric cars like to say how "clean" they are. WRONG! All plug-in electric cars do is shift the pollution farther back up the supply chain, to the electric power plant. Now, if we got all our power from hydro, wind, solar, tidal or geothermal, they would be right. But we don't. We get way too much of our power from coal and oil-fired plants.

    I'll concede that an electric power plant makes less pollution if run to EPA standards than a bunch of cars do, but that's as far as I will go. Remember, the plant has to make more power to 'fuel' the cars. Add in the fuel the plant has to burn to make the juice for the electric cars, and at best the balance stays the same. More likely, since electrics are nowhere near as energy efficient as gasoline cars, it's worse.

    Then there is the matter of storing the juice the car needs to run. The last major improvement in battery technology was the advent of the lithium-ion battery in the 1980s. But even they aren't small enough and light enough to power a car or truck for the kinds of distances and carrying heavy loads one gets from a tank of gas. We need a quantum jump in energy storage technology before electric cars will become practical for anything except very short hops around town - and remember, the pollution is still there. We need the "Shipstone" invented by Robert Heinlein as a plot device to enable his character Friday Jones to research interlocking directorates and the potential of corporations to become a de facto world government in his book Friday. And nothing like that is anywhere near on the horizon. Even an antimatter reactor or fusion power would only solve the energy production problems; neither can solve the equally important problem of energy storage, which is what yuou need for mobile devices of any kind, including cars.

    This new oil crisis may finally force the yankee gummint to get off the dime and actually push green research in energy production, and might even make it worthwhile and necessary to build wind farms in the Midwest with towers tall enough that crops and food animals can still be grown/raised under the spinning blades. But even if the next president has a working brain and the necessary political leverage to ram the needed legislation through Congress, we won't see results for at least five years. And that still sin't going to help the transport crisis one bit.

    In the meantime, buy stock in woodstove companies and start looking for 1986 and 1987 Mercedes Benz 300 SDLs and 1990 and 1991 MB 350 SDLs you can turn into "grease cars," make the necessary deals with your local restaurants to haul away their spent deep fat fryer grease, and build the necessary refining rigs and tanks to store the biodiesel in your back yards. It's the only way you'll be able to afford to drive before too much longer.
  17. TXplt

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    Cyrano--you're completely correct. Electric or Electric/Hydrogen cars require a primary power source--this will come from the grid (or by hydrogen separation plants near power plants). Liquid Hydrogen might be a viable fuel (it has reasonable energy density), but it does need to be vented.

    This is why most of us are advocating we start building nuclear breeders, start reprocessing, exploiting all renewables, and even start building many coal plants right now -- we really need this energy and need to lead turn it. The plants need to be built today, not tomorrow. They need to be done in a couple of years, max. Fusion development as well--why can't we develop a fusion reactor that puts out energy when we built an atom bomb and won WWII in 4 years ? In the mean time, we open the taps everywhere.

    +1--I hope they're listening and we get action. As people get hungry this'll start to happen I think. It'd be nice not to get to this point and act with foresight, though.
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  18. Mad Hatter

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    Well after giving it some thought, maybe "government unrest" means that the people
    will give up on the government and or want complete change?
  19. Rambo

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    That's my guess. The government is getting nervous that "We, the People" have just about had enough of "Taxation without Representation".
    Now, where's my tea bags?
  20. mitch_mckee

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    Wouldn't that be Iran beating the drum?

    If your neighbor down the block publicly stated that he wanted you and all you kinfolk dead ASAP, and the police would do nothing, would you not try to secure the situation all on your own?