What funds your firearm purchases?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by lorcin25, May 24, 2008.

  1. lorcin25

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    After going through KnightRider's most recent post of all of his guns (if you have not seen them you should....incredible collection), I have been wondering....

    What funds your firearm purchases?

    I'll start: I am a Christian School teacher (needless to say, I have purchased 2 guns :()
  2. neophyte

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    lorcin: Sir; not chasing "wild women" liquor, beer, NO Television, NO cell

    phone, ride a bicycle, buy shoes every other year, buy underware when gittin

    ready for a funeral, eat at free places, don't tip:09::09:

  3. Putting back a little each month . . .

    . . . and waiting for the good opportunity be it from a personal newspaper ad, conversation, or a dealer ad.

    One thing you can do and I have done is to purchase a gun that is good on the inside yet has had a rough exterior life. Working over the stock and re-bluing the metal can leave you with a better gun for selling or trading. This is another opportunity that comes along ever so often but you have to be on the lookout.
  4. Midas

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    I work at a store that specializes in outdoor equipment.
  5. Windwalker

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    Wait outside 7-11 for person wearing ski mask and carrying gun and money to exit store, capture him, and hope for reward.
  6. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    im a 10 hour day 5 days a week window washer .
    no wife/kids/dog/cat/fish/houseplants
    that doesnt drink/eat out/go to movies and lives frugally.
    19 firearms 3 reloading presses.
    many firearm related doodads.:approve:
    i save about $7000 a year by not going to bars:nono:
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  7. okami515

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    try to throw alittle aside from my checks, most overtime money goes into the kitty. Lastly I don't spend any change it all goes into a jar at the end of the day and once a year roll it and spend. You would be suprised how much you can save that way.
  8. LiveToShoot

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    The secret is out...don't spend money on unnecessary items. Save a little here and there and watch for the good deals.

    If you really want it, sacrifice and save for it, you'll get it. It works for me every time, and I'm grateful.

    Billy...it's amazing how much money we can save, as you mentioned, by not pouring it down our throats and into a bar's till. When I gave up booze, smoking, and chasing about with people who just wanted to spend my money I was able to afford activities and things of greater value...
  9. sell33

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    I don't I am a broke college kid. I usually trade. Or did. I have decided i am never trading again. I want my collection to grow.
  10. roadie

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    My t-shirt business fuels my addiction to bang bangs...

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    I'm with Billy with this. I have no kids,don't drink or smoke, and live cheap as I can. I do however eat out a couple of times a week. My car is a 1996 toyota that I payed a whopping $1500.00 cash for. If your pride allows you to drive a old used car. It saves you on the payment and insurance. No more car payments for me.
  12. Sooner Shooter

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    You're a wise man for driving an older one. My last truck stayed with me for over 330,000 miles. My present truck has 80,000 with one year of payments left. A "no payment" is going to buy a lot of gas next year. Might even buy another shootin toy too.
  13. Oxford

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    By working full time, by putting aside as much money as possible into an investment plan each pay period, by buying items on sale, by paying cash for most items bought, by seldom eating out, by never paying credit card interest, by not requiring expensive clothing or personal items, and more living along these lines before retirement, I was able to create a fund, along with my current retirement income, which allows me to buy and do most things I want to now that I'm retired.
  14. My most recent guns were bought out of an Inhearitance my Mother left me and most of the others were gifts or I just went and bought with my own money...A.H
  15. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i drive a 1984 toyota pick up that runs great and has 270,000 miles on it.
    1000 bucks cash
  16. Dont smoke, dont do drugs, dont gamble, drink very little, kids died long ago, no wife, all 10 cars paid in full, no credit cards.
    Made huge money working as a developer at IBM.
  17. Aqualung

    Aqualung Guest

    The only thing I buy is food and guns.
    (Although it helps that I am a college either living on the government dime (financial aid) or on my parents' dime (just plain ol' love). :D)
  18. Seven©

    Seven© G&G Evangelist

    Not over extending myself. I don't "keep up with the Joneses." I drive a 2000 Tacoma when I don't have my company truck.

    My job by nature requires 50+ hours/week. My company pays 1.5 for overtime.

    I base "what I can afford" on 40 hours per week. House payment, utilities, groceries, etc. etc.

    My overtime money pays for flowers for the wife, vacations, and guns. I wear Carhartt clothes and Puma kicks.

    I don't use credit cards. Debit only. If I can't pay for it, I don't need. I don't over extend myself.

    I live "below my means."
  19. AnaxImperator

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    The federal government has been funding my firearms purchases, either from my Army paycheck or tax-returns/"stimulus" checks.

    I try not to drive anywhere unless I absolutely have to (I carpool or ride my bicycle), I don't buy expensive junk-food or eat at resteraunts, I don't drink, and I don't buy CD/DVDs/video-games. As for extraneous purchases, I smoke lightly and I buy books & magazines.

    I see firearms as a type of investment & insurance. Pretty much the only things that appreciate in value nowadays is guns & gold. Not that I'd sell my firearms unless I absolutely had to. But they'll definitely come in handy if SHTF, some low-life decides to invade my home/rob us on the street, and during hunting season.