What happens when the gun bans start flowing?

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    I have been "fortunate" enough to not be affected by any of the gun and magazine bans of the past. Only recently have I developed an interrest in "assault rifles" and other materials that might be labeled "illegal" after the next ellection.

    My question is..... How can I expect any bans to affect me personally? "They" can't possibly track the guns I own, unless they take a current inventory. Hell, I can't even remember EXACTLY what's in my safe back home..... much less who I might have "sold" what to :wink1:

    I expect some high-cap magazines to be restricted, but are any I might have grandfathered? I also expect some guns to be pulled from the shelves, but what about any I might have already acquired?

    Just curious. Like I said, I was never really affected by any of the past gun bans. The past 7 years have been pretty good to us gun owners. I just want to know how how big my time capsule is gonna be....
  2. I am not sure what might happen to gun owners rights over the next couple years. Oboma from what I can tell hates guns in every form in the hands of civilians. Clinton while trying hard to move from the left to the center to grab votes has been reaching out to gun owners talking about her grandpa teaching her to shoot or some bs like that. I dont believe she would be good for gun owners rights since shes from newyork which love to pass gun controle laws plus durring bills 8 years they passed that stupid *** assult weapons ban that thankfully expired. I personally dont think mrs clinton ever let bill make any political acts with out her ok first, I really doubt those 2 ever got married because of love. John while I like him is kind of a wild card as far as Reps go which makes his actions some what hard to read at times. When I think about these things in great detail it makes my head spin lol so I normally just live by a saying. "What ever happens, happens when it does." in a nut shell it means dont worry about every little thing that can happen just deal with what life throws at you as it comes.

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    Let's see, bans on handguns, bans on semi-autos, bans on ammo, bans on everything but double shotguns or single shot rifles that you must keep unloaded and locked up.

    Don't think you can hide them either. What happens when there is a fire and the authorities notice something in your house? Or when you get a divorce and the details of the hidden guns come out in court? Or when you kids are instructed at school to tell the nice man about the guns their Daddy owns? Or when you use one of the proscribed weapons to hold a would be burglar, and when the police arrive you are arrested and get more jail time than the burglar? It has happened before and it is happening now in England and other countries. Everything I have just described is what Obama and Clinton and the people who are in control of the Congress want. And when they control the White House and Congress, I don't know who will stop them. Especially when they pack the Supreme Court with people who see things the way they do.
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    Well, here's the big point I think.

    Have there ever been wholesale confiscations from law-abiding citizens in this country that weren't the stuff like was pulled in NOLA after Katrina?

    I'm talking a systematic attempt to remove any specific type of firearm that was legally purchased from American households.

    I can't, offhand, think of any, but if anyone can find any info, that will tell us what to expect.

    I think Obama may very well personally dislike guns, but I'm not so sure he'd try anything crazy if elected. He's a bit of a people-pleaser, and when the numbers came in on how the public would react to this stuff, he'd be really likely to back off anything serious.

    Oh, and HARDERTR, I'm not sure you count. You're in the military. You're trusted with some of the most destructive weaponry in human history. :hitwithrock: Oh and also, from what I do know about stuff like hi-cap mags, most of the time they are grandfathered in. I can't find it right now since I'm going out soon, but in CA, there was a cutoff manufacturing date for certain hi-cap mags. Anything manufactured before that date was okay to own.

    I think most states would be unlikely to make any major changes. NV, where I am, has had little by way of gun laws ever. We get an 11 on the Brady site. only because I happen to live in Clark County (where Vegas is) do I even have to vaguely "register" a handgun.

    I have this little blue card with info that I got at the store when I bought it that tracks who the legal owner is. I need to keep the card with the gun (it's in my wallet, never leaves it). If I sell it, I have to transfer that ownership. The Blue Card does let me waive a waiting period for handgun purchases though. Since obviously I already have one. My shotgun? I have a receipt.

    Remember, we already labour under some restrictions even now. I couldn't just go buy a full-auto firearm at will without some checking, fees, tax stamps, etc.

    With any luck, some of the moderate Dems that have been taking formerly Republican strongholds will help put the brakes on that party a bit. I mean, it seems obvious that those of us who go the legal route are less likely to go all crazy-go-nuts no matter what we own.

    It's just a hobby, man. One that involves combustibles, small pieces of metal, and the laws of physics.

    - Coeloptera
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    Who knows? Way too many varibles at this point. I really doubt they come looking for what you have - Govt. doesn't have the resources or the stomach for what that would cause nationwide. Bans would likely effect new sales and resale.

    HARDERTR Guest

    Funny how I can be entrusted to protect the nation....but not my own family.:banghead:
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    Who is going to stop him?

    They didn't grandfather anything in Canada or Australia. Turn it in or live the rest of your life as a felon, subject to arrest and imprisonment at any moment.

    It would be nice to think so. However, it won't be those "moderates" who hold the leadership positions or the committee chairs. It will be the Reids and Pelosis and Shumers who will be in charge. And woe be to any Party member who bucks the leadership. He or she won't get on any good committees or get any pork to take home. The majority Party leadership can put tremendous pressure on junior members.

    No, it is a fundamental human right.
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    hardertr, when it does come down to out right confiscations, they are going to use men and women like you in the armed forces and other law enforcement agency's to enforce the bans and do their dirty work. hopefully, sanity will prevail and our troops will defend the constitution that they swore to defend and not act as mindless robots and fight their fellow citizens. as far as saying your guns were lost, i believe they will do like most previous tyrannical gov'ts do and that is identify the gun owners, round them up and execute them. hidden stockpiles are no longer a threat.
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    New York
    Read this month's American Rifleman. There is an interview with John McCain in there, 3 pages, in which he gets asked hard questions by the NRA leadership about firearms rights and gives straight answers with no waffling or quibbling. We need to actively work to get him in if we don't want to end up like England or Australia.
  10. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Teach everyone you know the right of self defense and take those people shooting. That is our single greatest tool. Most anti-gunners are uneducated and unfamiliar with guns.

    Also, call, email, write your reps., senators, and the President (along with anyone else you need to) Don't get complacent. Fight any potential bans and get after them from the start.
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    The gun control laws in 1933 removed many, many weapons from citizens. They were confiscated. Until then, one could own any firearm he could afford.
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    No one's turning in their guns or ammo.

    No matter who gets elected, or where.

    Although, unfortunately, with the 4473's kept "forever" there's a bit of a database of de-facto registration for whatever you might have bought in the past (but not necessarily have still now...)
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    that will be a personal choice everyone will have to make! being right isn't always easy, look at the risks the founding fathers took?
  14. Mitch don't forget the Sullivan act.
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    I hope you are right, but I am afraid you might not be. Most of the Brits and Aussies and Canadians turned their guns in. Given the record of those people in the wars of the 20th Century, there is no reason to assume they are all cowards. Imagine you are a young man with a mortgage, a pregnant wife and two small children. Do you risk going to prison? Or do you turn in the Mini 14 your father gave you when you were single?

    I am not in that position. If I was, I don't know what I'd do.
  16. TXplt

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    I think, George, alot of it has to do with whether or not today we remain a country of principled individuals who are still interested in liberty and freedom (and our Constitutional form of government), or a nation of lemmings. I guess it would come down to do we still believe freedom more important than consumer toys and the mortgage ? Do we still teach this ? Are we willing to learn from the past and the lessons of other runaway governments (if this would come to pass). Guess we'll find out if the chips ever are down on the matter--there's really no other way to assess how this would work. I continue to have hope in the values and principles of our people. If DC, Chicago, San Fran, and to some extent Urban NY, CA and MA are indicators, the situation looks somewhat bleak for those willing to defend their RKBA, opting instead for the illusions of temporary state-sponsored security. Many others fail to realize as this right falls (or gets chipped away at), so do all others.

    Alot of people in our country own firearms, and would be unwilling to give them up without a fight. If you look at this area wise, not just in urban areas, I think you might find it comprises a significant section of the CONUS. Again, figuring out how this would pan out would, unfortunately, requrie an ops test because we all can say anything but there's not any way to judge a person's reaction until in the situation. Likewise for those who would be the ones attempting firearms confiscation--people tried and were somewhat successful (shamefully) in New Orleans--although there was a huge backlash and this an urban area with (IMHO) fairly corrupt and inept leadership--would this be a repeat ? I don't think the police forces of DC, NYC, Oakland/SF or Chicago would hesitate stripping the citizens of firearms; how about elsewhere ? When it came to brass tacks, would our military refuse the execution of an illegal order (this is probably where we have our highest hopes in that people are sworn to the Constitution, and it's not legal, at least in principle, for our mil to enforce domestic laws--again, don't know exactly how this would pan out in practice. There would likely be alot of our military forces that would refuse to do this initially on Constitutional grounds; would they hold out under pressure ?). This is why the Parker decision is important--to re-affrim our right originally affirmed by the framers of the Constitution.

    So, I guess we'll (hopefully not) see. Personally, given the way things have been going with our economy and nations' moral fabric and nanny state wackiness, I don't see the citizens of our country giving up our firearms without a fight. But I don't know this for sure.
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    The filibuster proof senate and veto proof congress is what we will see and it will make no difference who the president is,he will have no power as the republican party wont also.We will be under far left dictatorship.I sure as hell dont have the answer but it is very easy to see what is going to happen.I believe it was planned for years and both parties worked for it.Gun control is only a small part of our problems.And it is people that say "it doesnt affect 'me'" that create the real danger. sam.
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  18. There will be pockets of insurgents resisting, I'll bet.
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    An ounce of prevention is worth 10 pounds of powder used after the fact...to recapture the rights being violated.


    It hasn't mattered for awhile who the president is, and the 9/11 catastrophe clearly showed that to us, as Cheney sat in control at NORAD and the president sat in a classroom reading, from an upside down book, to students...
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