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    Ive read all the information provided me on this forum from fellow
    providers on the AK, I am basicaly a hunter type, but my blood is now boiling over the idiotic ban on ak's and trampling the constitution for political gain, my president is Charleton Heston, I cant believe America is doing this nonsense for the people that signed the constitution of the the United States, NRA forever
  2. Which/what ban are you referring to?

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    I'm not up to speed on what you are talking about. Can you fill us in?
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    First thing that comes to mind are the import bans. In '89, importation of "non-sporting" rifles was prohibited. That banned the importation of the classic AKs with bayo lug, pistol grip, threaded barrel, and sometimes folding stock. Then the MAK-90s, NHM-91s, and other AKs of good quality but modified design started coming. Then in 2000 Bill @#$%ing Clinton banned importation of anything able to accept hi-cap mags, hence the lousy single stack AKs on the market now.
    There are a variety of AKs that use a mix of American and original parts to comply with the stinking law, and some of the single stack versions have been converted to take the regular mags, also with enough US parts. But their quality varies, and some can get pretty expensive.
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    The ban on AKs?

    Well, not yet at least.....

    Hey 7mmmag. I understand your anger and agree that any attempts to pass further gun legislation of any kind is dangerous if not unconstitutional and ill advised. I have been an NRA member as long as I have lived in the US but it too is just another cog in the machinery that makes-up the cesspool of government in Washington.

    I consider gun registration, gun control, National ID Cards, computer chips under the skin, the IRS, The BATF and lots of other things to be potential dangers in the USA but I dont look to Charleton Heston, George Bush Jr or any other mass media figures to save me. Be concerned and be angry but dont place all your eggs in one basket. Dont count on the system to preserve your rights....its the system, and those with the $ that drive it, that are trying to take them from you....remember?

    I own several firearms and I openly talk about my enjoyment of target shooting in public. I also actively try to get others interested in the sport and make them aware of what a special freedom it is to be able to possess a firearm, pointing out what it was like to grow-up as an unarmed peon in a Police State.
    You see.....I grew-up in communist East Germany where my military training introduced me to the very same models of guns I own today as a civilian. East Germany had 100% gun control. I will never again live in such a place! NEVER!

    The point is.....keep informed, remain sceptical, vote as best as possible and demand explanations but please...please...do NOT rely upon celebrities, political parties or organizations to defend your gun rights. Trust me...the money & power at the top can corrupt them all. If we are to preserve our rights it will ultimately be due to grass-roots refusals to give-up our guns....and not because Charleton Heston calls Congress to its senses.
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    All true

    I agree with all of you about the gun bans, I personility think it is bulls&%$ and that the American government shouldnt beable to go back on their word. they said over 200 years ago that we American citzens had the right to keep and bear arms, never once did they say we could have that gun and not this one never once! So I think the government should have no say in it! If these gun bans continue to get worse I dont think the government will like what the American gun owners will have to say (or do) about it! (just a prediction) and frankly i hope it happens and i hope the American gun owners win! the sole purpose i got my sks and want to get a ak is because the American government said I couldn't
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    It's so tragically ironic that the AK, once the symbol of communist oppression, is now the symbol of our embattled gun rights, the rights that have kept the people of this country safe from invasion.

    Who was it who said that in America, " There is a rifle behind every blade of grass?"
  8. What an interestingly accurate thought Hans.

    Someone in another thread post said the Japanese leaders discussed invasion of the US during WW II being impossible because there would be an American with a rifle/gun behind every blade of grass. Sounds historically reasonable to me.
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    Hii guys mabe I Ijust over reacted, but this is what I heard,(off the seat of my pants) ok have a russian ak, nope we dont like that, only buy a chinese ak--oops we dont like that, have a rommanian ak, they have no economy, and no you cant have russian or chinese aks, we forbid you, get a rommainain with some us parts, and maybe we will let you have that for a while
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    SOS,we like it we buy it.We buy it they ban it.will never stop.
    Read "Unintended Consequences."
    It will show you the past,present,and the possible future.:nod: :nod: :nod: :mad: