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What have you bought related to guns.?

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I bought a 10/22 last week, there's a gun show this weekend and it my birthday so may treat myself to another gun. :)
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got a push through size die for my 41 mag's.
it's been 4-5 years since i've bought anything gun related though.
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hey PHD i'll give ya 50$ for that type 38..

gotta rescind the last thing i bought now.
i got a hundred bucks off the scope i've been saving up for almost a year now today.
thought i was gonna have to get the smaller version, but decided to put the one i really wanted on layaway and the lady at the checkout said i was eligible for the discount surprising me.
had to borrow 20$ from the wife to cover it though, and i'll probably have to get a new set of rings but i got 6 months to get those if i need them.
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well i gave back 90 of the hundred i saved today... LOL
bought new rings and bases.
totally worth it though, i got everything lined up the way i like it.
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that ain't no kidding.
their primers go for more than most hunting rounds.

got a new sling for the same rifle today.
i'm thinking i should have bought a pound of the I-4831 i seen today, couldn't find a price on it though and that aggravates me.
i mean the discount store took the time to price every individual candy bar on a 60' wide shelf, how hard is it to put a sticker on two bottles of powder?
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