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    Ok we all talked about BATF...police raiding the wrong house, a big one lately is Bounty Hunters raiding the wrong house, ect.
    We all "Appear" to own firearms and believe in useing themIF NEEDED for home defense.

    1. So, what if, at 2am this morning...a group of people kick in your door and rush in with guns drawn....would you shoot first or ask for ID? Would you be liable (Criminal or civil) if you shoot one of these people?

    2. Ok lets make it a little more intersting?....Ok you pop up at 2am fully awake and alert...quickly you realize that it is the police (By the badges and they say they are) if you get shoot...rember you pulled your gun and they have thers out...is it your fault? Should the "police have used restraint?

    3. Lets say everyone acts with a cool head and no shoots are fired...how do you know who these people are? Look on the web..you can order BDUs, Raid vest, badges ect...would YOU at 2AM be able to tell the "Real" police from say overdressed home invaders? If the police turn out to be thugs inpersanateing the police....who is liable..the people who sold the uniforms and equiptment...includeing the firearms?

    4. Ok turns out it is the police...everyone is safe..ie no shoots fired...but the police raided the wrong house....can you sue for the emothonal stress...damage to your home ect.? Do you think the police, BATF ect wiuld go on tv and go Big woops and hand you a check or do you think they would "fix" the paperwork and make it the right house?

    Ok lots of consperacy type questions but should be a big debate.

    I would shoot..end up in prison and do not believe the police would admit it was the wrong house.:p
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    Anyone who forcibly enters my house at 2:00 am in the morning is going to get shot, or worse. There won't be any discussion, there won't be any questions. Who's liable for starting the fight? Who cares. Are they really cops who made an honest mistake? It won't matter. Will I sue their A**es. I probably won't survive the ordeal, but you can bet my family will go after them with the best attys the NRA and the ACLU can afford. If the attorneys are unsuccessful, then they will hunt you down and kill you.

    Cops do not ever have the luxury of making mistakes like that. Those who would do not deserve to wear the badge or carry a gun, let alone continue breathing. Would the agency buck up for the compensation after the fact. Not a chance in hades my friend. All I can say is it would be a waste of a few perfectly good white men. Stupid, but otherwise still useful (maybe as janitors, but not as cops).

    In fact, the way I've trained my family, we'd probably all end up dead. After I got wasted, the girls would probably wait for an opportunity to grab another firearm (theirs or the cops) and try wasting more of them.

    The point is, I don't care who you are or what will happen afterwards, I will use every means at my disposal, as will any other member of my family, to neutralize you if you attempt to break in to my house, especially at a wholly inappropriate time. The rest are just details.
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    A couple of months ago someone posted on the Police conducting a drug raid on the wrong house. The Police Kicked in the front door, kicked in the bedroom door where a 69 yr old woman and her 72 year old husband were. The old man fired his shotgun that he retrieved after hearing the front door get kicked in. He missed, the Police did not. The old woman got a settlement of around $230,000 for the loss of her husband. They missed by one house.
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    If ANYBODY crashes my door and wakes me up before I have a cup of coffee,they will be shot. Seriously,yes I would shoot,they would probably kill me,and I'm sure they will get away with it.