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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tommy, Oct 10, 2002.

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    what happens if we go and invade Iraq and they don't have any of those weapons that we say they do? will the UN try to tell us to let weapons inspectors in the US.since we would have invaded another country . will they want us to do away with our nukes ? will it make us look like the bad guy's on the block when we say noway.i'm all for going into Iraq and taking this man out but should we get some hard evidence first. i know we have some evidence . but is it enough? i hear the prez talking about weapons of mass destruction .do we have phisical proof he has them? it just it would look really bad if we go in there and there is nuthing there. Then Suddam will get more people behind him and it will make the US look pretty bad. think about it .if a cop pulls someone over and thinks they have a gun in his hand and shoots the guy. then it turns out he doesn't everyone notices that. they don't notice that this guy was a criminal . they just notice that the cop shot an unarmed man.????????
  2. Did you ever hear of throw down nukes?

  3. tommy

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    nope i sure haven't
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    Two sides of the issue: Iraq's initial position of not allowing the UN inspectors to thier country can mean that they are really into manufacture of WFMD or they want to aggitate US to attack them. If US push through with its attack and ends up with nothing to justify their move, as tommy had said,
    Iraq will slowly win their war through sympathy and renewed positioning of their plight.

    I just wish the war will not push through, not that I sympathize with Iraq, but only to empatize with the ill effects of war, its end result and the permanent scars to humanity that it will leave behind.

    A silent prayer for peace is all I can humbly offer.

  5. Personally, I think the weapons issue is just a charade for Bush ..... to allow him to get his foot in the door.

    Even if the UN inspectors find nothing we are sure Mad Man has been up to something. Intelligence and satelite imagry tells us that. Defectors have told us that. He, indirectly since 1991, has told us that.

    We have piddled around long enough for Mad Man to move and hide the weapons through the miles of underground corridors we know exists. That, too I think, is part of the strategy.

    So, if the inspectors find nothing it won't be any big surprise.

    I think the intent is to take over and occupy the country....clean it out...maintain our oil interests.......then establish a new government for Iraq. Very similar to what was done in Afghanistan.
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    We just need to ignore the third world marxist UN leadership. It is the UN's fault for totally screwing up the weapons inspections in the first place.
  7. Oxford

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    Too much talk...Not enough action!

    I'm definitely in favor of dumping as many bombs as possible anyplace in Iraq where we have reason to believe Saddam Hussein is hiding.

    Drop additional bombs anyplace in Iraq we have reason to believe they're hiding other weapons of war.

    Quit stalling...either put up or shut up now.
    Oxford:fuss: :assult:
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    didn't we help the afgans with russia ?? didn't that back fire in our face. as i can remember we helped ole bin ladin out . now where are we??. who says the next guy that takes over Iraq won't do the same. it just looks like everytime we go and help some other country they end up stabbing us in the back later on .(after we give them arms and stuff)
  9. Shaun

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    If we go in and there is nothing we have freed the country from a dictator who killed his own people and put palaces over food in the mouths of children
  10. Oxford

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    tommy: Your point is well taken. I believe you're right about the UN going into Afghanistan when the Russians were there which eventually resulted in Bin Laden taking advantage of the opportunity to do his thing.

    It's for sure that we don't want to happen again if we should go into Iraq.

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    first Blitzkrieg, gather up Sad-dam and his followers, and put them in a zoo. send all the Hollywierd liberal hand wringers over there to administer health programs, and to assure equal distribution of food, and Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to run the country!!!:rolleyes: ;) :D