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What is a fair price for an SKS these days?

Discussion in 'SKS' started by Airweight38, May 7, 2009.

  1. Airweight38

    Airweight38 G&G Newbie

    I'm going to meet a guy to look at one tomorrow and wondered what I need to look for when determining if his price is good. So, my questions are:

    What's a fair price for a Chinese SKS, no frills, with the original 10-shot magazine? Say, modestly used, in good condition.

    What's a fair price for the same thing, only Russian?

    He's asking $400, which seems retarded high to me, since I could swear they were in the 2's less than ten years ago. So I guess I kind of want to know what would make one worth $400? What should I look at specifically before I buy one?

    I'm a handgun guy, I'm out of my element here. So any help would be appreciated. I know there are a lot of variables that go into a gun's price, so I'm obviously just asking ballparks at this point. Thanks.
  2. MmMongol

    MmMongol G&G Newbie

    Define fair.
    I picked up my unissued Yugo two years ago for $200 but at the Phoenix gun show a few weekends ago couldn't find one for under $300. And most of those I would have considered well used, not in bad shape, just well used. Norinco's were $400+. I would consider myself an SKS neophite but certainly take a good look down the barel in search of pitting due to use of corrosive ammo with poor cleaning habits. Use of corrosive ammo isn't bad but if it hasn't been cleaned properly it lays the seeds of doubt for other items.

  3. Cyrano

    Cyrano Resident Curmudgeon Forum Contributor

    New York
    Around here, Yugos in the cosmoline are going for $350. ChiComs are going for about $375, when you can find them. Haven't seen any other countries in ages.
  4. millwright39

    millwright39 G&G Regular

    Here in the upper Midwest I think one could still find a true russian for that matching-- The $$$ have gone up-I myself would not pay 4 bills for a chinese- even a /26\ factory one.. [maybe a alby matching one]
  5. In this Obama fear driven gun climate, if you can get one for $350-$450, you're doing good. No prices to me don't seem to be fair. If they can make money that's what they're going to do. If people are willing to pay it, they're going to charge it.

    I've seen and still see Russian SKS's going for $500, b ut by the time you add in and FFL and shipping charges, and then tax if it's collected, you're now near $600 or so....

    Here in Illinois, SKS prices seem to be higher and have always been higher then in some or most of the southern states.

    The Yugo SKS's around me, mainly the "unissued" Yugo's, seem to be going for anywhere from $75 -$150 more then what they were 2 years ago. And two years ago they were going for about $300 out the door. So they're now going for $375-$450.

    If you want one, and you can get it for anywhere in the $350-$450 price range, and again, if you really want one, I suggest you pay it. Why, because one of two, maybe even three things could happen.

    One, the prices will go up even more, especially if the demand climbs and the supply drops.

    Two, if Obama gets his way, and both re-instates the AWB and makes it permanent, the prices will go way up and that's if you'll even be able to get one?

    Three, you just might not be able to get one down the road. Availability could dry up or they could be banned.

    So this is why I say of you want one, really want one, then pay the money now. Because the price could either go up or you might be able to even buy one?
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  6. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    Yugo SKS's can be found for under 2 online. Russians are going for $400 and up.

    Good chicoms are going for a little over three.
  7. pico

    pico G&G Newbie

    The Chinese SKS are getting pricey, and so are the Yugos. I have seen these going for over $400 in decent condition. The Chinese ones will look worn more quickly, as the finish is crap. If the bore looks good, you can always modernize this with the Tapco stock and mags. Send it off to to have it refinished if you really like it. If this is a private sale, you really should jump on this. The no FFL transfer fee, no tax, and no paper trail makes this a good method for purchase. BTW, has wold FMJ cases of 1,000 rounds for sale for $360 with free shipping.
  8. Hey Tex, got a link to these Yugo's for under 2 online?

    As for the Russian SKS's, been watching a couple on GB and both went for above $400. True, there are a few for $400 or under, but then you have to pay close attention to condition or if it's missing the bayo? Then when they are $400 or under, most other people find them also and bid then they're over $400 before you know it. lol But other then auction sites, I haven't found any Russians or Norincos. Yugos, yes, but as I said, even then, in these Obama fear factor times, they to have gone up...
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  9. a couple months ago i bought a refurbed ruskie for $225. things like new except forced matched stock and gas tube. norinco's go for around $150-$170. not sure where all these high prices are coming from
  10. G23c

    G23c G&G Newbie

    SKS in Houston at the shows all start at $300, Russians start at about $350.
  11. Dragunov

    Dragunov G&G Evangelist

    Just bought a Norinco. All matching except stock (black fiberglass) unfired condition $370 W/DROS/TAX $425 OTD. Felt it was worth it.
  12. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Yeah, where? Even SAMCO's Yugos are up to 260-300 bucks.
  13. millwright39

    millwright39 G&G Regular

    WOW -I should sell my set of them and refund my 401-k:34:
  14. Airweight38

    Airweight38 G&G Newbie

    Well, I went and looked at it tonight...

    This SKS is Chinese. Looks very lightly used. No noticeable bluing issues. Barrel is immaculate. Stock is good-great. Feels solid mechanically.

    My only gripe with the thing is there's no bayonet. Therefore, the cleaning rod falls right out. There are two ears that hang down for one to screw into though. So, I don't think it's a huge problem? Got him down to $375. Cash sale. No FFL TX fees or anything. Guy is reputable. Friend of the family for years.

    What do you guys think? He's going to let me come over and put some rounds through it tomorrow night. I'm getting that buying fever, but I'm wondering if the bayonet is a big deal? I'll look around online and see if I can find one...
  15. Tulamosin

    Tulamosin G&G Addict

    The bayonet may have been removed for legal reasons, so I'd be cautious about attaching a new one.
  16. Airweight38

    Airweight38 G&G Newbie


    Shot it. Got the gun for $375 and he threw in 4 stripper clips and 40 rounds of ammo to boot. It's Wolf ammo, but I'm not griping. :)

    I also found a spike bayonet kit for it online for $15, shipping included. Should be here by the end of the week.

    I'm all kinds of excited. Now I have got to go get me some Tannerite. :)

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  17. I found a Russian over the weekend that I am still mulling over.. Only one I have seen in the last 2 years and in very nice condition, no arsenal markings other than a stock mark of being refurbished. Matching numbers and looks almost unfired. $400. Had a few others but the prices were high.. Albanian with nonmatching trigger guard and magazine floor for $460, and a Yugo for $370 (didnt even bother looking up close. yuck.).

    Otherwise, flood of Norincos in the area for $250-400, mostly paratrooper models. Found a Romanian that took AK mags for $330 as well.
  18. azgunnut01

    azgunnut01 G&G Addict

    Went to an auction yesterday that had a russian and 4 chinese (none had the original magazine). They went from $300 to $360. All except the Russian were in really good shape.
  19. millwright39

    millwright39 G&G Regular


    Con grads!!! glad to see you made the leap, fine looking SKS. Any markings on the rec to tell- who- what- when . Enjoy the new rifle!
  20. canman

    canman G&G Newbie

    Aquired one a few years ago just like that but bayonete was still on it. 600 rounds of juice included and 2 clips.. 200 bucks!....Mind you they are restricted and the big round clips are illegal in Canada. Just goes to show that they are out there.