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    At range conditions whay would most of you consider a good or "safe" grouping for a handgun at about 20-30' under a repetitive fire routine.

    I am doing about a 4" grouping using a revolver. I consider this to be pretty good, or safe meaning I am hitting the target without stray bullets. Not being an expert marksman I am content. My main focus is to hit the target and minimize stray bullets as I use a .357.

    What do they teach you in LEO school?
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    Center mass usually a 7" pie plate is good practice if your better than that your good - remember the average police shooting is 7 yards

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    If your shooting without a rest, that's not bad. How long to shoot a set (cylinder full)?

    Ever see the movie magnum force? There's a scene where Calahan lets one of the rookies shoot his 44, and the guy empties the cylinder in like 1.5 seconds at 30 feet, all x's except one that rode high by about an inch. The rookie hands the gun back, shrugs, and says to Calahan "Too much gun for me".

    Wish I could shoot my 44 that good. I'm afraid if I tried emptying my cylinder that fast, the last two shots would be in the dirt from yanking the barrel down while pulling the trigger.
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    Sounds good to me,but then,I've never hit a target. Well,ONCE, but it was an accident.
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    How good or bad that group is depends on how much time is used to produce it. Phillip Hemphill, Captain of the Mississippi Highway Patrol pistol team, consistantly shoots sub four inch, six shot groups, at fifteen yards, as fast as the action of a 1911 will function. I know an eight year old who can do the same thing, but requires nine to ten seconds. Without knowing the time involved it's impossible to say, but you're probably shooting very well.